Remember Jack Simpson, the North Yorkshire singer-songwriter whose “Pentecost Again” graced our page not long ago? Well, he’s back, and this time, he’s tackling a theme that might resonate with a whole new audience: the plight of the overlooked older sibling. Simpson, a self-proclaimed songwriting aficionado inspired by legends like Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle, has crafted a gem titled “Babies Are Boring,” which came out on January 16. Now, the title might raise an eyebrow, but don’t be fooled—this deceptively simple song is a masterpiece in capturing the bittersweet emotions of a child who suddenly finds themselves overshadowed by a new arrival.

The song falls under the classic rock umbrella but with a generous sprinkling of acoustic warmth. Imagine a gentle strumming guitar, a la Richard Thompson, providing the foundation for the singer’s unaffected and beautiful vocals. With each note, he breathes life into the lyrics, infusing them with an authenticity that is both compelling and relatable. It’s a performance that transcends mere singing, evoking a sense of kinship and understanding with every word uttered. The beauty lies in the simplicity. There’s no flashy production or overpowering instrumentation, just a clear focus on the message. This allows the child’s perspective to shine through, making the song relatable and endearing.

The lyrics themselves are a stroke of genius. Repetitive and catchy, just right for a 5- to 8-year-old listener, they perfectly encapsulate the frustration and longing of a dethroned firstborn. The chorus, “Babies are boring, babies are boring, babies are boring now” is delivered with a playful yet poignant punch that will resonate with any child who’s ever felt sidelined by a new baby. But here’s the magic trick: while the song validates the child’s feelings of neglect, it never veers into negativity. The underlying current is one of gentle understanding. It’s a song that says, “It’s okay to feel this way,” while also hinting at the joys of siblinghood that might blossom.

“Babies Are Boring” is more than just a catchy tune. It’s a clever and compassionate exploration of a common childhood experience. Simpson’s songwriting talent and the warm, classic rock production create a listening experience that’s both fun and relatable. This song will resonate with parents and children alike, leaving everyone with a smile (and maybe a nudge towards that neglected older sibling). I think it’s a win-win, and a must-listen for any family with a new addition.

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