We’ve talked to you numerous times recently about the Jamaican musician Jada Kingdom. A true musical discovery that frequently causes us to experience amazing musical discoveries, rare moments that transport you out of the present and offer you a sort of aural ecstasy that builds in gradually and steadily like a lovely addition.

Indeed, it is with great joy that we discover the new songs of the singer, who today releases the video clip for “Last Night.” She does not, as usual, miss her mark. You’ve been enchanted by her warm, lovely tone. We quickly picture ourselves on the edge of a beach in the summer, sipping a cocktail and relaxing on a well-deserved vacation.

You can only appreciate these few moments of songs that do excellent, simply because the artist’s mastered and identifiable voice dresses with perfection and likewise great instrumental.

It’s worth noting that you may revisit the music video for ” Dickmatized ” to explore deeper into the artist’s discography.