Jeán et Joie emerge from Los Angeles as a breath of fresh air in the dreamy realm of modern folk music, where poetic storytelling blends with beautiful melodies. This musical venture, led by the visionary Grey Jeán, embodies the delicate balance between mournful introspection and shimmering optimism. Grey Jeán’s journey, rooted in familial harmonies and personal tribulations, unfolds through the heartrending melodies of their hit “Glory Be.” The song, which was released on June 5th, goes deeply into themes of desire, self-discovery, and the search for meaning in a complex world. Let’s dive into this lovely composition.

“Glory Be” kicks off with simple yet haunting instrumentals that create a place that seems both personal and spacious as if asking the listener to descend into the depths of their introspective thoughts. The opening lines, “And as the crow flies, there’s nowhere I’d rather be,” set the tone for a journey that is not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual. The use of acoustic guitar and piano creates a sensitive mood that echoes the fragility of the lyrics. With a soulful mood in the music and the air surrounding us, Grey’s vocals take on an enveloping tone as the song progresses, filling each line with a nuanced emotional intensity that tugs at the heartstrings. Her voice is the sweetest I’ve ever heard, and she instills a sense of pleasure in our minds with a relaxing, beautiful flow that captures all of our attention. Her passionate vocal delivery, along with the subdued instrumentals, produces an immersive, personal, and vast soundscape.

“Glory Be” is primarily concerned with themes of introspection, self-acceptance, and the search for atonement. As the protagonist grapples with past mistakes, relationships, and the elusive goal of happiness, the lyrics indicate a journey of meaning-seeking. The mention of church pews and sermons conjures a notion of seeking refuge and direction, contrary to the hardship of confronting inner demons. This internal tension is exemplified further by the repeating theme of water: drowning as a metaphor for being overwhelmed by life’s obstacles, and swimming as a metaphor for diligence and the desire to prevail. The structure and descriptive wording of the song lends to its emotional depth. The repeating of “Glory Be” acts as a potent refrain, similar to a prayer or mantra, encapsulating the desire for grace and insight The imagery-rich verses weave a story of development and transformation, while the chorus calls for validation and acceptance of one’s path in life. The closing lines, “Make your peace with the past, If the pieces don’t last, Take your reason for leaving somewhere,” imply a plea for forgiveness and acceptance, even if remedies are short.


When it comes to production, the band members’ talents shine through in “Glory Be,” demonstrating their unity and melodic harmony. Grey’s fiancée, Gabrielle Néla, contributes delicate harmonies that provide an ethereal quality to the music. The drumming section, comprised of Flamingo Bay’s Ikaika and Dash, provides a feeling of anchoring to the song, creating a constant heartbeat that carries the story forward. Their rhythmic interaction provides a dynamic ebb and flow that parallels the lyrics’ emotional highs and lows. The song’s entire production is nothing short of delightful. The arrangement allows each instrument and voice layer to breathe, resulting in an enveloping sensation of affection for the listener. The production choices immerse the audience in the realm of Jeán et Joie, where heavenly realities and nature’s bounty coexist with the story of lived experience.

“Glory Be” ultimately signifies a journey of reflection, vulnerability, and the goal of understanding one’s wants and concerns. Its rich imagery, analogies, and emotional depth combine to produce a song that asks listeners to ponder their feelings of desire, redemption, and the complexity of human emotion. The superb narrative and lyrical talent of Jeán et Joie make “Glory Be” a captivating and thought-provoking musical work that leaves an indelible impact. “Glory Be” is likely to captivate your heart with its beautiful pace, rich soundscapes, and intriguing melodies. With the upcoming EP “Bramble” on the horizon, “Glory Be” serves as an enthralling introduction to the depth and craftsmanship that define Jeán et Joie’s musical identity.

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