Jeandelafamily stands out as a ray of quality and an edifice to the current spirit of true Rastafarian talent in the constantly changing weave of reggae music. Originally from Reunion Island, this musical journey’s roots are firmly planted, connecting a strong love of JA and Creole sounds with familial connections. With “Solution Dub,” Jeandelafamily offers an unmatched dub reggae experience that defies genre and time restrictions. Released in September 1990, this classic hit was the final tune on the 15-track album “Judge Not to Be Not Judge.”

With a rousing tune, “Solution Dub” opens the musical journey, wrapping us in a soundscape that is worthy of the rich roots of reggae. The ensemble’s perfect unity produces an appealing Roots vibe that is trendy and timeless. The vocals, which are performed with a genuine grassroots style, are the ideal match for the dub instrumentation. Although the song is mostly instrumental, the vocals offer a captivating touch that enhances its appeal. That takes a unique approach and, with its creative range, amazes us. The Jeandelafamily expertly controls the tempo to match the song’s smooth flow. To be honest, “Solution Dub” is a gem of reggae dub that will become stuck in your head in no time. I’m still hearing the song’s afterglow in just one listen. Yes! That proves how infectious and delightful the song is.

The instrumental arrangement, which thoughtfully combines classic reggae components with a modern twist, is an example of Jeandelafamily’s talent. Jean’s first instrument, the lilting bass, takes center stage, giving us a harmonic foundation that sends us into a sense of musical satisfaction. Also, the melodies and drumming produced an inviting atmosphere that made me sway right away. It made me feel like the first rays of sunlight were tickling my skin and making me feel warm and excited. I was drawn in by the song’s beguiling keys. They enhanced the bright and pleasant atmosphere by adding a dash of elegance.

Overall, “Solution Dub” is evidence of the Jeandelafamily’s lasting impact. It’s more than just an instrumental reggae dub; it’s a musical journey that celebrates its roots while expanding the genre’s confines. Jeandelafamily extends an invitation to the listeners to participate in a musical communion that is not limited by time or location with every note. Jean Baikiom’s musical journey is far from ending as long as the Fyah burns brightly. Future works, including the much-awaited Bob Marley tribute album, are promised. Allow “Solution Dub” to serve as the soundtrack for your journey into the heart of reggae as you embrace the vibrations and feel the beat.

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