Made up of Master Bassist and Music theorist Aaron “Dubl A” Seener from Long Island NY, Saxophonist Dale “Dirty D” Pearson, and Guitarist and Vocalist Nik “Anthem” Mathews from San Diego, JUNK is a Sand Diego-based band with artists that make their magic on any instrumental because they don’t have a specific genre they belong to. Their new single, “Squakin like a Bird” which proves what I’m saying, was released on April 4th this year. And not only does this song pushes the boundaries of conventional music, but rather, it’s a daring and adventurous piece of music that conveys a strong message about the perils associated with internet rumors and self-styled experts. I have a lot more to share with you on this song, so brace yourself and continue reading while I dive into its message and musical components.

With its distinctive and adventurous sound palette, “Squakin like a Bird” immediately grabs our attention from the opening chords. The incorporation of the live bird’s vocalizations gives the song an unexpected aspect and gives it an unearthly atmosphere that reflects the disorderly nature of the internet. Soon, the vocals of Nik Matthews begin with a beat and flow reminiscent of 90s hip-hop, reflecting the unstable and dynamic character of the internet. With a strong and enthusiastic performance, he delivers the lyrics with a conviction that captivates us. The emotional content of the song was amplified by the vigor and passion. Not to mention the instrumentation, Dale Pearson did an excellent job with the saxophone backing up the melody with chords, making the song even more gorgeous.

Additionally, the bass’s plucking is fluid and compels listeners to gasp and stomp along with it. It flows effortlessly throughout the song. Aaron Seener did a fantastic job with this one.
This song’s lyrics deal with a topic that is urgent in today’s society. It talks about the rise of internet gurus who spread ominous predictions and conspiracy theories like they’re experts. As JUNK’s message is obvious, the song’s subject is crucial and will certainly capture listeners’ hearts and attention. They exhort us to put more emphasis on our own experiences and real encounters as opposed to absorbing and disseminating unreliable information from the internet. And so, the goal of this song is an appeal to stop educating people using just questionable web sources. JUNK unapologetically dismisses the notion of these so-called experts.

In general, “Squakin Like a Bird” is a lovely song with a lot of subtle subtleties that are best heard. It has a basic rhythm and texture that is expertly created and precisely matches the song’s objective tone. The harmonies are seamlessly incorporated into the instrumental, which has a nice flow to it. JUNK is a fantastic band that is moving in the proper musical direction. Listening to their song “Squakin Like a Bird” is highly advised. It is a plea to stop trying to educate people only through untrustworthy online sources and is an anthem for critical thinking.

Listen to “Squakin like a Bird” by JUNK on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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