It Sets The Religious Tone Of The Song And It Presents The Old-Time Gospel.

With a diversity of inspiration and samples from “Friends Let Me Tell You About Jesus” by the Dixie-Aires, V-Train created ‘Sunday Service’. It is a LoFi one that sets the religious tone of the song and presents the old-time gospel sounds present in the Black Churches. V-Train is an African-American originally named Vernon Jeffries and hails from Lansdale, Pennsylvania in the United States. This solid song pleasant to listen to from V-Train was released on 25th March 2022.

As V-Train takes us on a satisfying and sweet-sounding LoFi Hip-hop song that paints a picture of him playing the piano in church and watching his mother who is a gifted pianist lead the congregation to worship while he was aging, ‘Sunday Service’ is a harmonious track that transports happy feelings.

With its plain sailing melodies and chopping with the LoFi drums and guitars, it is immediately clear what the song is going for. It is a LoFi Hip-hop that is filled with feel-good sounds and sends warm messages to the listener. The production of the song gives the track the feel of the old-time gospel.

The song itself is about as described by V-Train, “It’s an upbeat song that makes you imagine the calmness and peace that a person experiences while looking out to the horizon”. This single conveys the image of peacefully watching the sunset while relaxing and is a relatable message that depicts V-Train’s experience.

This piece from the artist is an expression of mood in songs without using words to tell how you feel but it is possible to tell a story by chopping samples and making beats to give meaning to a listener.

Completely, V-Train played it very safe with ‘Sunday Service’ by keeping it clean and tying it up nicely with a solid performance. The transparency of fellowship in V-Train sets out.

You can suitably listen to ‘Sunday Service’ by V-Train with the link provided below on Spotify.