Kanda, a pop singer, has won my and many others’ hearts with his tune “Unanswered Questions,” a charming and honest song about coping with the challenges of modern relationships. At only 19 years old and a rising sensation from Coventry, he has already piqued the interest of industry heavyweights like the BBC and MOBO. And with his latest single, “Unanswered Questions,” which dropped on February 10, he shows his unquestionable brilliance by composing a profound but relatable examination of lost love and existential questions. This song strikes a deeper emotional chord, so come along on this adventure of ‘unanswered questions.’

From the first notes of glowing synth, the tune immerses us in a bright pop dreamscape that transports our conscious minds. Layered patterns gradually develop that vibrate our souls, creating anticipation for the compelling allure that awaits. If you don’t understand what I mean, consider the opening words, “Oh, on my heart, and last, be in a cold wild. I know she made me fall cuz I was balancing on our love,” which quickly immerses us in the bittersweet story of love lost and the lasting anguish of unresolved questions. Kanda’s delivery is both powerful and personal, drawing us into the tangled web of his thoughts and feelings, while his voice, dripping with passion, draws us in and provides us with a look into the depths of a heart-sconed.

Lyrically, “Unanswered Questions” delves into the complexities of heartbreak and the haunting aftermath of a failed relationship. Kanda grapples with feelings of regret, longing, and uncertainty, questioning the purpose of love and the paths we choose in its pursuit. Lines like “Now I’m floating by, as I’m questioning what’s the point in life and my purpose too” encapsulate the song’s existential themes, inviting us to reflect on our journeys through love and loss. Also, he questions his actions and her motivations, singing, “I thought I treated you right. When I held you tight, did you realize what you did?” These introspective lines resonate with those of us who have grappled with the unanswered “whys” and “what ifs” of a past relationship.

Musically, the production of the song is equally impressive. Lush instrumentation and contemporary pop sensibilities create a beautiful soundscape that complements Kanda’s vocals perfectly. It has a steady, melancholic pace, perfectly mirroring the introspective nature of the lyrics. While staying firmly within the pop genre, the use of electronic elements adds a modern edge, keeping the song fresh and engaging.

But the impressive and accompanying music video takes it to a whole new level, employing stunning visuals that perfectly capture the emotional turmoil of the lyrics. Director Dan Hart masterfully utilizes drone work and visual effects to create a stark contrast between Kanda’s lonely present and vibrant memories of his lost love. The video amplifies the song’s message, making the feeling of emptiness and longing even more palpable. Each scene represents a different stage of the relationship. It deserves to be shown in cinemas!

Overall, “Unanswered Questions” is more than simply a breakup tune; it’s a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. Kanda gives a powerful and engaging performance, both vocally and visually, delivering a very poignant experience that will speak to anybody who has ever loved and lost. This is a song that announces the debut of a remarkable musician with a promising future. So, whether you like Khalid, Bruno Mars, or J Hus, Kanda’s “Unanswered Questions” is a must-listen. This young singer is not just an outstanding vocal powerhouse, but also a storyteller who can connect with his audience on a deep level.

Listen to “Unanswered Questions” by Kanda on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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