G-funk lives on thanks to MCs like Kurupt, C-Mob, and Snoop Dogg. They’ve just released a new single titled “Players Ball” that throws it back with high-pitched keys and a laidback atmosphere. Moreover, Kurupt and C-Mob released this as a single to their upcoming collaborative album. Don’t Be Stupid drops on December 16th, and this track indicates that it’ll be a wonderful homage. Kurupt recently reflected on how far Death Row has come, particularly thanks to this song’s featured Dogg.

Kurupt is from the school of G-funk that Dr. Dre, Snoop, and many others popularized in the ’90s. C-Mob, on the other hand, is a horrorcore rapper from Indiana who seems very inspired by that sound as well. Both have studied and practiced the game for years, and Snoop’s credentials need no introduction. However, this new track may sound classic, but the swagger and charisma from that era still fit in today’s landscape.

For example, take the song’s classic G-funk synths. They echo and vibrate throughout with all the atmosphere and eeriness that you might expect from a Griselda beat. The chorus contains some tasteful record scratching, and “Players Ball” is propelled by trunk-knocking drums. Potent kicks and a minimal drum pattern make the track apt for a smooth drive down the boulevard.

Lyrically, each MC on the track does their best to paint a picture of their state of mind. Particularly, they focus on that “Player’s Ball” idea and what surrounds them. Specifically, they talk about hanging with the ladies and detailing their player moves. Of course, Kurupt comes through with some slightly aggressive delivery and a no-frills attitude as he talks about his fling. He was one of many who urged fans to “tell the law to suck a d**k” after Young Thug and Gunna’s arrest. So it’s no surprise that he raps with similarly unapologetic confidence.

Meanwhile, Snoop’s verse is as laidback and smooth as you’d expect. It’s kind of hard to expect anything different from the Long Beach legend, but it’s worth it just to hear his voice. But Snoop doesn’t slouch on the track, as he has some sharp lines here and there amid his charismatic flow. “The more for me, the merrier, she asked if I could marry her / Put my hands up and said ‘Baby, that’s a barrier,’ / I like your style, your look, and your character / God bless pimpin’, motherf**k America.”

Finally, C-Mob comes through with a crazy rhyme scheme and a lot of technical skill. He also switches up the lyrical topics a little bit, taking at least a little time to warn opps not to cross him. It’s great to see this sound come back from the OGs, especially as many are now receiving their flowers. For example, Kurupt’s hometown in Philly named a street in his honor. It’s ironic but heartwarming for a West Coast legend to also be honored by his East Coast roots.

You can check out “Players Ball” featuring Snoop Dogg on your preferred streaming service. Also, check out some quotable lyrics from the track and stay tuned for Kurupt and C-Mob’s new collab album. Don’t Be Stupid will drop on December 16th, and interestingly has a Kendrick Lamar feature on an interlude. Let’s see what’s in store.

Notable Lyrics

I ain’t mad at you ’cause your body’s modified
And you bang Young M.A. on your Spotify, I think that’s kinda fly,
I like the way she looks in my eyes
And I just found out she ain’t f**k with them, other guys