Logan Chapman, a singer-songwriter and guitarist from St. Louis, MO, has emerged as a confident yet amazing talent on the music scene. In his debut solo EP, “Where I’ll Be,” published February 24th this year, Chapman has created a tapestry of musical genius that spans genres, portraying a Midwestern landscape of real emotions and true musicianship. Within the delicate harmonies of “Cocaine Rich,” “Solstice,” “Dizzy,” “No Doubt,” and “Untitled,” there is a unique combination of Americana and Emo that captivates listeners with the enticing force of both sorrow and resilience. This EP is a superb example of what we term a body of art, and it has everything you could need to enliven your day. Let’s get into it.

“Cocaine Rich,” a breathtakingly gorgeous song that sets the tone for the EP’s reflective trip, kicks off the adventure. Chapman’s heartfelt vocals take center stage, presenting a story of desire and seeking meaning in the face of life’s challenges. The theme of the song dives into the darkest parts of existence, capturing the desperate hunt for something more important than material gain. There is a lot that rises to the forefront with this acoustic and enthralling piece of music, with intriguing beats, fine progression, a smooth flow, and lovely singing.

In “Solstice,” Chapman reveals an emotional reflection on time and change. Among the song’s ethereal melodies, he dives into the ephemeral aspects of life and love, giving a clear picture of the seasonal cycle and the inevitable passing of moments. The gentle yet stirring arrangements of the song reflect the gentle tides of emotions, leaving the listener with a sense of remorse and affection for fleeting elegance, all too gracefully represented through exquisite melodies that integrate into some more refined space.

“Dizzy” sent me into a frenzy of emotions; it’s the ideal blend of Americana and Emo elements. Chapman’s impassioned delivery traverses the difficult terrain of love and heartbreak, generating a feeling of tenderness and empathy that tugs at the heartstrings. The overall message of the song reflects the dizzying highs and lows of love, depicting its addictive essence as well as its inevitable fall from grace. This song has a lovely atmosphere, which adds to its uniqueness and quality, and I enjoyed its hypnotic atmosphere and how it made me want to listen to it endlessly.

Logan Chapman’s expertise shines through in “No Doubt,” a stirring anthem of tenacity and self-belief. His words become a statement of inner power and triumph over self-doubt amid the positive and lovely music. It’s a musical pep talk that will resonate with anyone who has endured adversity and emerged stronger and more determined. When you listen to this music, it rises and gives you a wonderful sensation. And given its peppy beats, I couldn’t stop twirling to the song while listening. Chapman’s vocal delivery was also strong enough to leave a lasting impression on my ears. I found myself humming.

Chapman closes the EP with “Untitled,” a poignant salute to the untamed spirit of the Midwest. He embraces the fortitude to face uncertainty and press forth despite the shadows of doubt. The fervent vocals and soul-stirring guitar chords elicit an unwavering sense of glee, leaving listeners with a sense of triumph over hardship. This song retains its appeal throughout, and I loved the instrumentation, which stood out, as well as the production, which contributes to the song’s aural appeal. The music as a whole seemed extremely synced, with each section fitting together and sounding like one. The vocals are really clear, and they are perfectly complemented by the instruments, which fit together flawlessly.

Overall, “Where I’ll Be” embodies the Midwestern spirit, seamlessly merging Americana and Emo elements into a work of art. Logan Chapman’s genuine writing and soulful voice convey a profound feeling of realness, reminding us that music can be a soul-healing salve. It is an EP that serves as a beacon of hope, with songs that remind us that there is strength in vulnerability and beauty in accepting our true selves. “Where I’ll Be” will remain in our hearts long after the final chord has been played, leaving us with a deeper appreciation for life’s somber yet indomitable path. Whether you’re experiencing the highs or lows of life, this EP will speak to the depths of your soul. I sincerely hope that the EP impacts as many people as possible.

Listen to the “Where I’ll Be” EP by Logan Chapman on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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