There’s something incredibly special about welcoming back an old friend, especially one as talented and captivating as Melina Hazewood. The 16-year-old prodigy from Kent has graced our blog before with unforgettable tracks like “Powerful” and “Dear Boy,” and now she’s back with another masterpiece. Her latest release, “Memories Are Now Ghosts,” dropped on April 30 and reminds us why we fell in love with her music in the first place. Let me tell you more about this beautiful song. Keep reading my thoughts!

Right from the song’s introduction, it was obvious that Hazewood has enormous skill when it comes to conveying emotion through her music. From the minute I hit play, the hypnotic piano melodies set the atmosphere perfectly, and when her vocals entered, I was treated to a gentle delivery, her notes moving lightly from one to the next with a certain familiarity and depth that left me charmed. Melina’s vocals were mesmerizing. Her delivery was imbued with melancholic grace, perfectly capturing the essence of longing and sorrow. The way she phrased each line conveyed a depth of emotion that is rare to find, especially in such a young artist. Her voice had a haunting quality that lingered in my mind long after the song had ended, much like the memories she sang about. It was impossible not to feel the weight of her heartache.

Thematically, “Memories Are Now Ghosts” explores the lingering presence of past love. Haze painted a vivid picture of the protagonist’s internal struggle—the “what ifs” and the yearning for a different ending. The lyrics were poignant and relatable, capturing the universality of heartbreak with sensitivity and grace. The cover art, depicting Hazewood alone in a scene of sorrowful beauty, further reinforced the song’s atmosphere of bittersweet contemplation. As a listener, I was taken on an emotional journey through the highs and lows of love and memory. This song was such an experience—a deep dive into the bittersweet nature of lost love and the ghosts that such memories leave behind. Melina Haze has once again proven her ability to touch my soul with her music, making me feel both the pain and beauty of her lyrical world.

Moving on, the instrumentation in “Memories Are Now Ghosts” is a perfect complement to Haze’s vocals. The rhythmic pop production provided a steady foundation, while the hypnotic piano melodies weaved a spell of gentle melancholy. The song wasn’t weighed down by its sadness; rather, there was a subtle undercurrent of hopefulness, a testament to the enduring human spirit. I loved everything about the production. It brought much to appreciate in its simplistic approach by providing excellent support throughout the song. All in all, the song is admirably done musically!

In essence, “Memories Are Now Ghosts” is more than just a breakup ballad; it’s a testament to the enduring power of human connection and a song that will hit you right in the feels. It’s a song that lingers long after the last note fades and is a testament to Hazewood’s remarkable talent for capturing the complexities of the human experience. In “Memories Are Now Ghosts,” Haze offers a bittersweet symphony of remembrance, reminding us that sometimes the most beautiful melodies are born from the ashes of heartbreak.

Listen to “Memories Are Now Ghosts” by Melina Hazewood on Spotify, and let us know your thoughts.

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