Damon K. Clark – Holy

Hailing from Dallas in the United States, Damon K. Clark is a multi-talented vocalist. He is an accomplished worldwide vocalist and musician renowned for his lyrical sensitivity, musical dexterity, and versatility. Damon is one of the few performers who can effectively perform R&B, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Pop, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Opera, and classical music at the same time. Damon continues to astound with his beautiful lyrics that flow over his rising musical melodies with easy ease in his latest tune ‘Holy’. Damon released ‘Holy’ on February 21st this year.

He got inspired by a partner who saw him, embraced him entirely, and worshipped him in mind, body, and spirit. He felt both vulnerable and strong for the first time.

With every inch of his ‘Holy’ filled with sound, Damon recounts the tale of a connection unlike any other, the empowerment, vulnerability, safety, and spiritual aspect of that time in his life. Lyrically, he reflects on a previous relationship and analyzes how everything felt different than in previous partnerships.

Damon begins ‘Holy’ with a deep piano melody and a hazy lighter overlay. The foggy layer thickens as the thrum fills the low levels vibrating beneath the piano line. The tune is simple and lets the vocals take center stage. The tune provides a solid framework for the vocalists to entice you into their story and as the song proceeds, the drums get a stomp that elevates everything to a new level.

Damon brilliantly combines gospel, R&B, and contemporary soul in ‘Holy,’ creating a powerful, beautiful song. Damon’s recordings sound clean and professional as a result of his exceptional production and mixing. The music serves as a foundation for the vocals, providing a rich platform for them to soar on the strength of the emotions they elicit.
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