It brings us a lot of joy to introduce Melina Hazewood, who had her first stage appearance while still in the womb of her musical writing mother. As a result, her presence on our site is treasured. As she prepares to tour the United Kingdom, Melina Hazewood is a rising star, and her ability to weave influence from several sources into her style reflects a maturity that defies her age. She’s only 16 years old, but she’s already come out with a soulful song called “Powerful,” which merges parts of her English and French roots. This song was released on March 8, 2023, and it displays not just her vocal prowess but also her profound connection to the numerous musical environments that have shaped her, creating an interesting and beautiful story. Let’s dig into the song and experience how ‘powerful’ it feels to listen.

The song’s beautiful and soft introduction provides an enveloping and introspective tone. And when Melina Hazewood’s vocals come in, it’s like a warm, comfortable embrace. Her voice has a soul as she explores the song’s diverse characters with natural grace, making it sound easy. Hazewood’s vocal maturity belies her age, drawing parallels to Adele. Her voice’s clarity and power bring the empowering lyrics to life, producing an emotional connection that will stay with you while making you feel every line. Her performance is ‘powerful’ and compassionate, and she connects with the song’s message. It’s as if her live stage experience, which began even before her birth, perfected her ability to captivate audiences.

Lyrically, “Powerful” is at its finest. It’s an assertion of women’s worldwide strength, and Melina’s lyrical creativity combines with her beautiful voice to deliver a powerful message of togetherness and self-worth. Beyond a gender-centric narrative, the song’s theme promotes equality and encourages people of all genders to embrace their inner strength. Melina describes the song as “a song about wanting equality and praising women’s capabilities” while encouraging males to discover their inner strength—an urgent call to action. This message serves as the song’s heart and soul.

Aside from her elegance on the audio slide, Melina’s on-screen character is highlighted in the music video for “Powerful,” which was released after the audio. The video is set against the stunning backdrop of Paris’s Luxembourg Gardens, which was shot in black and white for a timeless vibe. The visuals, which feature Melina as a modern-day muse surrounded by the Queens of France, are in line with the song’s conception. Her on-screen stance is solid, mirroring the strong message conveyed by her song.

But, hey, the production quality of “Powerful” is also impressive. It hits the right balance between highlighting Melina Hazewood’s vocals and maintaining the melodic variety of the composition. She nails the vocals, and the production backs it up with just the right amount of support, making the song a nice yet amazingly addicting listen. The hypnotic piano chords that were audible throughout the tune, together with the added notes from the melodies and strings, made the song delicate and charming.

Overall, “Powerful” is a lovely song with a diverse range of styles. But one thing remains consistent throughout Melina Hazewood’s exceptional ability to create a one-of-a-kind track that introduces us to her while also establishing her as a musical force to be noticed. The thematic depth, combined with her appealing voice and the timeless appeal of the video, led to a song that transcends age and cultural boundaries. I noticed as I listened that every piece of the music had an emotional undertone, which is what makes it so excellent and deserves attention.

Listen to “Powerful” by Melina Hazewood on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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