The third album by the French daughter-father duo Dame Zina, titled “Fairytales,” was released on October 31, revealing their wonderful space of music and emotions. This magnetizing musical journey covers the dark side of feminism, freedom, and raw emotion. It is a blend of pop, rock, electronica, and more. With Dame Zina at the forefront as producer, composer, songwriter, and singer, the album displays the duo’s dedication to pushing creative horizons and experimenting with a wide variety of musical genres.

With “Sirène,” Dame Zina opens the album in an affecting way. This French art-pop song has lyrical poetry and a profound sense of reflection. With a voice that properly handles the emotional details, Zina offers a close-up view of her inner battles and her search for independence from patriarchal chains. The delicate production makes it possible for the melodies to blend perfectly. The song’s arrangement is simple and harmonious, yet it has a powerful emotional impact due to its stirring lyrics and immersing melodies.

The lead single from the album, “Witch Circle,” comes next. This song, which was released as a single with a music video, honors the wonder of being a woman. It’s an English-language electro-rock hit that starts with head-bopping beats and explores sisterhood and the mystical power of womanhood in an engaging way. Zina’s voice soars above electrifying instrumentals, resulting in an attractive soundscape that holds our attention throughout. This song exhibits musical flexibility and excellent songwriting, as its enticing nature draws us in with an exquisite and notable production.

On a Rainbow” is an interesting entry into the electro-rock genre. Originally released in 2022, Dame Zina says this song still maintains its vibrant energy. And lyrically, it’s a song that contemplates the diverse quality of love. Also, Zina’s passionate vocals and unique, self-assured performance are a major highlight. They perfectly capture the lyrics’ vulnerability, and the electro-rock arrangement gives the story an addictive rhythm.

Moving on to “Alone,” which is the album’s fourth track, Dame Zina preaches the need for personal space and offers a message of reflection and isolation. The vibrating synth-wave background perfectly enhances Zina’s warm and lovely voice, adding to the song’s sensitive quality. It’s an incredible listening experience that will leave everyone wanting more because of the unique mix of gloomy synthesizers, emotive vocals, and catchy melodies.

With a distinct vibe, the fifth song, “Palace,” lets us think of a world where dreams are as flexible as reality. With its synth-wave backdrop, Zina leads us to a world of endless sound possibilities. She has such refinement on stage, and her vocal performance is lovely. It starts softly with seductive melodies, but it quickly turns into dance music with captivating beats that will have you bopping your head, and we later get to hear superb vocal harmonies. Particularly, I admired the synth-wave section and the way Zina’s voice mixed with the synthesizers and rhythms. It produced a beautiful, varied soundscape.

The sixth track, “Morphée,” is a French pop tune that opens with sweet piano chords that hook our interest and lead us further into a delightful blend of sounds. Along with the amazing voice that we have already heard, Zina tackles the strength of nearness and the mystery of love in this song. It proves her agility, effectively capturing the intrigue and attraction of love. The rich arrangement of this song enhances its pop sensibility, weaving a musical web that represents the specifics of the heart.

With a breezy, happy attitude, “Fatalités” instantly captures our attention. This song explores Dame Zina’s fight with anxiety in its lyrics. It’s another French pop song on the album, and it tells a complex story of drive and the never-ending struggle to survive. The song’s lively pop music and Zina’s passionate vocals heighten the emotional depth of the song. I like this song; it’s just lovely. It is an amazing song that you should put on your playlist! Everything in the song was impeccable, including the instrumentation, performance, and vocals.

Moving on, the eighth song, “Golden Dust,” opens with Dame Zina speaking a line that sets the tone for the message the song delivers. This single, an experimental rock narrative that showcases Dame Zina’s storytelling skills, urges us to embrace boundless possibilities. The vocals are excellent, and the instrumentation adds warmth to the compositions, giving them a sense of completion. There are several interesting characteristics and a smooth overall structure. I got hooked on them!

Similar to the previous song, “Once Upon a Time” also begins warmly with Dame Zina’s spoken word. This work challenges the conventions of classic fairy tales by painting a novel scenario set in space. Zina’s voice creates a heavenly mood that perfectly balances the unorthodox tale, dancing over the experimental rock composition. Her storytelling skills are excellent, and her voice is satisfying. Her words are imbued with an intense and profound feeling of genuine passion and vulnerability.

The tenth song, “Dragons and Fairies,” tells a story of equality through fantastical creatures, drawing inspiration from Dame Zina’s children’s writings. The colorful storyline of this piece is mirrored in its experimental rock arrangement, and Zina’s voice rules the bright atmosphere, lending the story an air of attraction. Furthermore, the melody draws us deeper into the song’s depths. With a voice that soars and dips, Zina’s delivery is amazing, taking us on an unbelievable journey.

The eleventh song, “Missis Sun and Lady Moon,” is an electro/art pop track that highlights Dame Zina’s inventive poetry and explores a romantic relationship between the sun and the moon as lesbian lovers. This song’s heavenly soundscape, produced by combining electronic and art pop components, goes well with the dreamy concept. Not only that, but the beat of this song is something I don’t usually hear. It has captivating melodies that enhance the track’s overall appeal and it’s full of life. Zina’s performance is exceptional and her vocals dominate the show, as always. She completely nailed it!

As the title indicates, “Master Goddess” is a master track on the album, bringing house and techno elements to an inviting introduction. It embodies everything that makes a song great and it’s a sound world comparable to a video game that empowers listeners and calls for lady power. I found it admirable how the components in this song are presented from the very beginning to the very end. There’s something special about it. Everything about it, from the arrangement of the riffs to the way the parts are arranged, transports you to another world.

La nuit,” the last but one track tune, encircles us in the allure and aura of the night. This electro-art pop tune, sung in French, digs into the vivid dreams, worries, and desires that come to life after dark. Zina delivers with such joy that you want to lose yourself in the song as her voice smoothly traverses the nighttime horizon. On the other hand, there is little doubt that the production is filled with charming and intellectual components throughout. You’ll want to press the rewind button and listen to this song on repeat for hours since it has so many gorgeous flows and twists.

Concluding the album with a soft touch, “Lullaby for a Fairy” is a folk song with a story about elemental fairies. Zina’s vocals take on a gentle quality, creating a warm and calming ambiance. The folk instrumentation of the song gives it a charming and nostalgic quality. Despite being serene, the music awakens us. Dame Zina does a good job at doing this and I would say it’s the ideal tune to round out the album. It strikes close and has so much depth and contrast.

Overall, Dame Zina’s “Fairytales” album is just beyond anything I could have ever expected! It shows their musical prowess, their skill as storytellers, and their zeal for pushing the limits of creativity. With their unique blend of genres and Zina’s mesmerizing voice, the album sends us to a world where feminism, magic, and raw emotion meet. Every song on the album, from the pensive “Sirène” to the hypnotic “Lullaby for a Fairy,” is a chapter in a riveting musical story that never lets up. “Fairytales” not only displays Dame Zina’s unique style in contemporary music but also places them as storytellers of soundscapes, drawing up stories that linger long after the final note dies.

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