In “Roses,” Nasti lets his heart bleed.

Nasti, a 22-year-old Irish hip-hop musician based in North Dublin, has explored a variety of hip-hop subgenres. His lyrical flow genuinely speaks for him, and his linkages with the music draw strong rhythm and flow, which is typical of hip-hop. He is a tremendously skilled hip-hop musician who has performed twice at Dublin’s Soundhouse venue RTE 2XM’s Garageland, allowing him the opportunity to present his craft nationwide, and he is still wanting to have a full festival season portraying his skills.

Nasti also likes to tackle similar issues as X in his songs since he has a similar style to the late Florida rapper, and Nasti may easily remind hip hop fans of the legendary XXXTENTACION with his style.

The song describes him lying in anguish and being abandoned by everyone, yet he continues to fight through the suffering. It mentions him appearing sober in agony and lying helpless in the hospital bed without seeing anyone come in to check on him. “Roses” also mentions Nasti being abandoned when he most needed others, yet he pushed his way through the grief, and he vows to himself that he will fight through the suffering alone. The song’s complete duration conveys a powerful message. Nasti raps about the importance of cherishing individuals while they are still alive.

In his most recent publication, “Roses,” Nasti depicts feelings and challenges as mental and bodily agony comes in, accompanied by tremendous sorrow and sadness. “Roses” is a composition that links both words, flows well, and has a lovely beat. The chilly sound, along with Nasti’s shifty flows and dramatic vocals, is what makes it remarkable in my opinion.

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