Youngboy is still on his grind, and he quickly reminded us of that as we entered the new year. NBA YoungBoy just dropped his latest album, I Rest My Case, on which the opening track “Black” is a standout. Moreover, accompanied by an energetic music video, it’s Youngboy’s foray into rage music à la Playboi Carti or Yeat.

Still, it’s not his first attempt at buzzy synths, distorted bass, and a high-pitched drawl delivery. In fact, the Louisiana rapper experiments with the rage genre on a couple of tracks from I Rest My Case. Moreover, the next couple of songs in the tracklist also goes in that sonic direction. Namely, these are tracks like “Louie V,” “Swag On Point,” and “B***h Yeah.” If you’ve been looking for a different direction from YB, now’s the time to check I Rest My Case out.

However, if you’re still a die-hard for the 23-year-old’s sound, “Black” carries over a lot of similarities to his most popular work. Moreover, the energy and aggression are still palpable, and his higher pitch doesn’t distract from his rapid-fire flows. Still, it’s not surprising to see YB in this rage lane. His Gangsta Grillz tape Ma’ I Got A Family featured Yeat on the track “I Don’t Text Back.”

Meanwhile, some fans caught YB while he was filming the music video for “Black.” It was a crazy moment for fans, as the Top rapper engaged them in a snowball fight. Also, if you peep at the video, you can see these crowds around the rapper in a few shots.

Still, what did you think of NBA YoungBoy’s rage-tinged album cut “Black” from I Rest My Case? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below. Also, you can peep at some standout bars and the music video down there as well. As always, stay logged in to SONGWEB for the latest greatness from the rap game.

Notable Lyrics

How you get to this party? Don’t bring Backwoods, I like Swishers
I gotta Draco in the sack n***a, shoot the car, tryna knock out the engine (Boom, baow, baow)
I keep this s**t kickin’ on top of my pimpin’ (Yeah)
Dirty rod in my pouch, gotta know I ain’t slippin’ (Yeah, go)