Nicki Minaj drops her first music effort for 2022 with the single “Do We Have A Problem?” featuring Lil Baby.

The release of the new track and the video for it was marked by a special teaser reminding us of a high-budget movie. Nicki Minaj seems like she is preparing for Hollywood and that is made very successfully.

The new video directed by Benny Boom in which Nicki taps Lil Baby shows her as a special agent. Minaj is not only an agent but a double agent, who along with Baby steals important artifacts such as jewelry, cars and other expensive stuff.
Nicki Minaj Taps Lil Baby For New Single ‘Do We Have A Problem?’

The video for “Do We Have A Problem?” is almost 10 minutes long. It includes scenes of betrayal and interrogation starring Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby. The clip is made in the stylistics of the old Hollywood glamour and it’s a real class.

The track produced by Papi Yerr marks Nicki Minaj’s first single with the main role in three years. The new single will take place in Nicki’s highly-anticipated upcoming album “Pink Friday”.

The teaser for the video “Do We Have a Problem?” appeared in the last days of 2021. It was like marking the great success of the rapper on Spotify. It also is a celebration of Minaj’s acting skills.

Listen to “Do We Have A Problem?” and watch the cinematic video below.

Quotable lyrics

Tell ’em my Nina, my bitch, she a rider
I got a shooter and I got a driver
They want that heat, I’m the only provider
Little bad foreign bitch, word to Fivio
Niggas know the vibe, that’s word to five, yo
Beef, we ’bout to resolve, yo
Pull up on a opp, do we have a problem