‘Sun’ captures Nightingale’s pensive but joyous side.

Coming through with his new piece, Nightingale is a rising artist hailing from Melbourne, an Australia-based producer, and artist. Nightingale’s second release of 2022 called “Sun” provides listeners with a track to their favorite experiences. The release of “Sun” by Nightingale was on the 13th of May,2022.

‘Sun’ is Nightingale’s second release of 2022, and it follows the band’s previous summer release, ‘Vermillion,’ which received broad media notice thanks to noteworthy internet articles, playlist additions, and national radio play.

Nightingale came up with the theme “Sun” while savoring the time he had with friends and family and feeling grateful for what he had. This inspired him to write some phrases and melodies, which he later recorded. He then began experimenting with different chord progressions on his acoustic guitar, which he eventually used for the song’s creation.

“Sun” reveals a contemplative yet cheerful side of Nightingale, with his nostalgic poetry and thoughtful melodies emphasizing the importance of spending time with loved ones and how we will keep it with us through the memories we create together.

This poetry and instrumentation are used to great effect in “Sun,” because Nightingale wants his listeners to be grateful for the connections that are most important to them and to appreciate how significant they are in their life.

The tune moves along with a coasting rhythmic beat that is filtered with rich pads, glittering guitars, delicate synth leads, and gliding bass plucks. Reflective vocals weave the instruments, describing the memories made as cherished times which will endure forward. The single was written, produced and mixed by Esmond Angeles while it got mastered by Darren Ziesing.

‘Sun’ is available for streaming on all platforms. Listen in and let us know what you think. Cheers!