Writing Stage is a deep dive into an artist’s psyche.

On his new single, “Writing Stage,” Reading-based rapper, K.Kayne pours his heart out following his breakthrough earlier this year with the release of his great hit ‘Loco’. ‘”Writing Stage”, the single from K.Kayne is an alternative R&B/rap ballad that goes into Kayne’s thoughts. This piece was released on the 23rd of May this year.

“Writing Stage” is another welcome and forceful contribution to the ever-expanding spectrum of UK-conscious rappers. The song by K. Kayne takes the notion of writer’s block and utilizes it as a springboard for a lot more introspection and vulnerability, rapping over a smooth and soulful r&b-inspired groove of a rhythm. The production is floating, with an ambient and soulful air that lets the more deep and powerful flow glide over it seamlessly.

“Writing Stage” by k.kayne is a deep dive inside the psyche of an artist. To balance out the track, he used a fluid blend of dark and light tones. His voice comes in with a powerful impact that takes you off the surprise. The lyrics, on the other hand, are true to Kayne. His music pops out and seems as current as ever. “Writing Stage” is an expressive and passionate piece of music that redefines rap as a genre. In the “Writing Stage,” K.Kayne was able to express himself through a musical voyage.

The song starts with a hard-hitting beat, and K.Kanye’s enticing vocals express feelings such as wanting to be a nice brother, falling in love, and being alone. Lyrics like “I’m drowning in my sorrows deeper than these oceans” and “I don’t really want to be all alone, but sometimes that’s the way life goes” are poetically thought out, honestly expressing the feelings to the audience.

Continuing more of that fresh and alluring blend of R&B and hip-hop influences, ‘Writing Stage’ sees him maturing within his guise right before our eyes. Honing the struggle that many artists have when it comes to creating something new, his easy-going flow shines through on this one.

Make sure to listen to “Writing Stage” by K.Kayne on Spotify and add it to your playlists right away. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

Let me walk upon these waters
let me get so lost in my own mind
let me stay focused on my own grind
let my brain go on a wander
I crumble every time I get stronger
Need to make it for my mother
Need to prove I’m a good big brother