Originally from Atlantic City P.E.Petrov is a singer-songwriter who began composing songs with some producer pals in 2020 during the Covid lockdown. P.E.Petrov’s first EP, “Ch 4 The Roadwork,” depicts the spirit of natural differences with inspirations including Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. The EP, which consists of three beautiful tracks, was released on November 16th of last year and takes listeners on a journey through Sadboi’s, the cover art character’s, emotional landscape. “Ch 4 The Roadwork” has a lot of diversity, so let’s hear what they come off like!

The first song, “Dbl Yllw Lines,” is a powerful introduction to the EP with its gorgeous chord progression, which gives us a taste of what to anticipate from the EP and creates its own tempo and flavor for fans to fall in love with right away. Though the tone appears to be one of emotional anguish, P.E.Petrov’s gentle and sweet vocal lends a lot of delicate anticipation to the lyrics. They are powerful, exploring the concept of building boundaries and pushing people away when they get too near. The thematic elements of the reversed firecracker and the cannonball sound create a sense of urgency and energy, perfectly mirroring the song’s message while adding an intriguing dimension that is reminiscent of the music of Lauv and Olivia Rodrigo.

The second composition, “Bridges,” responds to the first song’s theme. The lyrics are reassuring, demonstrating that even when you want to drive people away, your real friends will remain. It is both timeless and modern, with a heartwarming message that no matter what life tosses at you, real companions will always be there to support you. The trap drums kit and pop synth add to the song’s composition, giving it an energetic energy, thanks to Arian Grande, Ryan Tedder, and Tate McRae’s influences. The entire atmosphere is captivating and could easily put you into a reverie. P.E. Petrov’s melodic choices are really intriguing, and he makes this song stick out with his lovely vocals and seamless flow.

The EP comes to a compelling finalization with the last song, “Roadkill.” Sadboi wrote the song in reaction to his friend’s persistence. It’s potent and emotional, with Ryan Tedder’s writing for Adele playing a vital part. Sadboi puts his friends in their place and tells them how toxic their conduct has been in the lyrics, which are insightful and thought-provoking. The use of strings and piano gives the song an authentic and genuine feel, making it one of the EP’s most stunning tracks. The delivery is soulful and convictional, with P.E. Petrov’s singing fitting the rhythm perfectly.

Overall, “Ch 4 The Roadwork” is an intriguing EP with a strong musical sensibility and poetic writing style. P.E.Petrov has produced an EP that originates from a very impassioned place and could be suitable for anyone, particularly those who have been in platonic relationships. Each song delves into a different element of these relationships, from limits to toxicity, in a unique and compelling manner, highlighting Sadboi’s development and maturity as he navigates the difficulties of these trials. This is my first encounter with P.E.Petrov, and I’m completely blown away by what I’ve discovered. The EP has impressed me with its careful attention to detail in the tracks, and I hope that many people find and appreciate it too.

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