Pivot Gang’s artists have had a busy few weeks. After aiding Saba with his Few Good Things album in February, the collective has released a succession of tunes that have its fans shouting Saba’s praises.

We first heard them on “Aang” around the end of October, and not long after that, we received the same tremendous energy on “911.” Last week, Frsh Waters kept things going with his “Pray n’ Repent” release, and now it’s MFnMelo’s turn to keep things going.

The En Route hitmaker, for his part, is making waves with his “Rumors” tune, which was released on Monday (November 14).

“They say don’t make a move unless you know your value / They’re the same individuals that haven’t taken the time to search,” he raps.

In the days leading up to the release of his track, the lyricist became contemplative in the description of an Instagram picture dump. Initially, he mentioned harvesting what he had recently sowed.

“Regardless of whether the remark is accurate or incorrect, I’m learning to be more appreciative of every moment!” #ForeverEnRoute Muhf*ckin Monday.”

Melo also thanked everyone who helped bring his vision to reality in another post this morning. Blake Wright was in charge of production, while @romarsalis assisted with mixing and @vsopstudios with mastering.

Stream MFnMelo’s “Rumors” on Spotify or Apple Music below, and stay tuned for more Pivot Gang music shortly.

Notable Lyrics:

I was told get money, f*ck these bitches, he was hurt

I was told YOLO by my partner on my church

People say don’t make a move unless you know your worth

Them the same people that ain’t took the time to search