Proklamation time, folks! Let’s give a warm Windhoek welcome back to our reigning champion of rhymes, the Namibian artist himself, Proklaim. We’ve been blessed with his presence a few times before, and each track reaffirms his position as a modern-day hip-hop great. This time, he graces our ears with “BAD TING,” and as the title suggests, it’s anything but… well, bad. With “BAD TING,” Proklaim proves once again why he reigns supreme in the realm of rap, effortlessly blending his signature style with a refreshing twist that’s bound to leave us yearning for more. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

“BAD TING” begins with gentle, smooth-flowing synthesizers and pads that create a mood as cozy and inviting as a Namibian sunset. This foundation perfectly complements the West African Afrobeat influences that lace the track, giving it a truly global feel. The hip-hop backbone, then keeps the energy high, ensuring those summer party vibes never fade. But the true magic for me lies in Proklaim’s delivery. Remember that buttery, rich cheesecake you’ll love? Imagine its texture translated into vocal form—that’s Proklaim’s flow. His lyrics glide effortlessly, his tone is rich and inviting, and his inflections hit all the right notes. That I admired. It’s remarkable how his delivery hasn’t lost its luster over the years; if anything, it’s only grown more infectious with time.

Speaking of the message, “BAD TING” (don’t let the title mislead you, it’s a good thing!) is all about celebrating life, purpose, and the power of music itself. Proklaim weaves in wisdom about choices and chasing dreams, all with a clear and assertive delivery. It’s a reminder to find joy in the real, the authentic—the very things that make life worth celebrating. Proklaim weaves these messages seamlessly into his verses, his clean vocals ensuring every word hits home. Sure, it’s got that infectious vibe we all crave, but the deeper message simmering beneath the surface hits!

But let’s not forget about the production, because behind every great artist is an equally talented team. “BAD TING” is a fusion of hip-hop and West African Afrobeats, a symphony of sound that transports us straight to the heart of the dance floor. The soft, smooth-flowing synths and pads create an atmosphere so palpable, that we can almost feel the warmth of the summer sun on your skin. That’s meant as high praise! Through well-balanced and progressive structural arrangements,

Proklaim continues his penchant for vibing to simple yet subtly evolutionary records.
So here’s to Proklaim, the lyrical luminary whose name will forever be etched in the annals of hip-hop history. Welcome back, my friend, and thank you for blessing us once again with your undeniable talent. With “BAD TING,” you’ve proven yet again why you’re not just a rapper—you’re the greatest of all time. Cheers to you, Proklaim, and here’s to many more hits to come. Keep shining, keep inspiring, and keep spreading that swag and vibe wherever you go. We’ll be here, ready to groove to the rhythm of your beats.

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