Beth Sarah is a singer/songwriter from Worthing, England, who brings positive and uplifting experiences to her performances to fascinate listeners with her gripping sincerity and great depth of character. She is one of the few singers I’ve met that connect with their audiences on a deeper level and utilize their music to communicate very emotional sentiments through incredibly impassioned lyrics. And published on the 13th of January this year, “Would it be Okay?” is Beth Sarah’s latest work and it twigs from an impassioned intellectual writing that reveals sincere feelings. It’s the second single from her upcoming album “Let Her Go,” which is set to be released on February 1st, 2023. Keep reading and you will be stunned.

From its introductory chords, “Would it be okay?” enthralls us with charming and gorgeous piano notes that effectively propel the song right off the bat. And with its candid lyricism that asserts the song’s feelings, it’s a soothing yet enticing song with beautiful vocals hovering over serene instrumentals and a rhythm as peculiar as the lyrics unfolding inside it. It’s a song with love song lyrical harmony sung with severity and passion. Beth’s vocals are seductive, and the lyrics complement them rather well, while the instrumentation and pace provide depth to the song. Throughout, everything is perfectly articulated.

Moving on to the song’s message, I would say it’s a catchy song about love and the desire that follows it. “Would It Be Okay?” examines the subject of love and portrays a scenario in which it is nearly impossible to let go of a cherished partner. It’s a highly personal piece on the concept of love. Personally, it’s a song I resonate with. It reminds me of the significance of genuine affection and how I would feel if I ever let my partner go. This is a simple and beautiful ballad with a lot more precise and uncommon insight.

“Would it be okay?” has an excellent production with smooth and appealing melodies that make the song seem heavenly. Beth Sarah’s vocals penetrate through the mix smoothly and flawlessly conveying the song’s meaning that legitimately titillates us. Overall, this is a brilliantly written and emotionally satisfying song that spotlights Beth Sarah’s creative, performance, and musical abilities.

Listen to “Would It be Okay?” by Beth Sarah on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

Notable Lyrics
Would it be okay
If I held your hand in mine
One more time?
I don’t want to ever let go
And would it be okay
If I lay my head upon your shoulder?
I just want to hold you

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