Charlotte Sessions, a Roselle Park, New Jersey-based artist, is a musical goddess when it comes to composition in the United States. And I can attest to this with her most recent release, “Should I Be the Man?” a charming piece of music that is both nostalgic and trendy at the same time. Released on February 14th,  “Should I Be the Man?” is a pop-funk groove that is unique and fresh, merging jazzy, punk, and soul melodies and patterns that make it pleasant and lively and tells a relatable story of a past friendship that had the potential to be something more. Let’s dive into it.

“Should I Be the Man?” begins sweetly, with Charlotte’s silky smooth vocals effortlessly gliding over the groovy rhythm instrumentation that hooks listeners right away. Her inflection is serene yet compelling, and her vocal range allows her to convey a wide variety of feelings, leaving listeners feeling the song’s content sensitively in a soft color palette. The instrumentation is exceptional, with the use of various instruments such as the piano combined with bluesy and jazzy elements creating a unique and varied sound that blends marvelously. The piano’s presence in the song is pretty amazing, with the melody and chord progressions flawlessly complementing the lyrics as Charlotte’s vocals lead the song and shape it to fit the vibe drawing the listener in with its warmth and sincerity.

Lyrically, “Should I Be the Man?” is a touching recollection of Charlotte’s past friendship, which had the potential to blossom into something more. The lyrics are relatable and speak to anyone who has ever pondered whether they should risk love or remain in the friend zone. Though it’s a personal story, the song also talks to women who are waiting for the males in their lives to take the first step. However, Charlotte urges these ladies to seek their romantic connection with whoever they care strongly about and have emotions for before it turns into something they may not be able to deal with, even if the other person’s feelings are unknown. Charlotte Sessions’ message in “Should I Be the Man?” is engaging and clear to comprehend, as she sings and conveys unvarnished and sincere feelings, allowing audiences to connect with her on a personal level.

Overall, Charlotte Sessions’ “Should I Be the Man?” is an incredible work of music that highlights her ability as a singer-songwriter. It’s a song that will appeal to a broad variety of listeners, from jazz-pop fans to fans of 70s music with a contemporary spin. The song’s relatable lyrics, flawless vocal delivery, and spectacular instrumentation make it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates amazing music.

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