After uncovering her, it was apparent that Leonie Sherif, from the United Kingdom’s Dagenham, is an artist with not only exquisite compositions but also infectious lyrics and beloved beats. Her tracks are one-of-a-kind, and they tackle reflective subjects, making her music engaging and relevant. And as part of her introduction to a catalog of new material emerging under SENSE ‘N’ SHERIF MUSIC, Sherif has released her new music, “Esoteric,” which is her first release since 2020. Released on February 17th, 2023, “Esoteric” is an incredibly beautiful exploration of the complexities of love, fixation, and the blurred lines between imagination and reality. Her adherence to her craft is apparent in every note of this hypnotic track, which she composed, produced, and recorded completely from the comfort of her own home. Let me now walk you through the song.

From the start of “Esoteric,” it’s obvious that Sherif has a distinguishing and captivating design for her music. The song’s dense, gritty bass and percussion serve as a firm base, while the airy synthesizers and otherworldly textures create an otherworldly ambiance that takes the audience to an entirely different realm. Her vocals take over the spotlight from there, with a delivery that is both compelling and gentle, as her voice glides seamlessly between the chords, conveying the song’s deep emotions with a magical clarity. Sherif’s impeccable execution is stunning, with a proficient blend of compelling and enticing elements that contribute to an infectious and enlivening sound. The song’s sonic landscape is infused with delightful synths that bubble up with effervescent energy, adding a layer of richness to the bright drum beats that sweep you off your feet.

“Esoteric” is a lyrical masterwork. Sherif creates a vibrant picture of an all-consuming love affair, a desire that takes on a life of its own and surpasses the limits of reality. She employs eerie and emotive imagery, conjuring up images of otherworldly environments and ethereal entities.  The most striking characteristic of “Esoteric” is its ability to be both profoundly intimate and ubiquitous at the same period. On the one hand, the music is based on Sherif’s own emotions and experiences. However, the themes of love, obsession, and the quest for something greater than ourselves will appeal to viewers from all sorts of backgrounds.

Overall, “Esoteric” is a beautiful work of music that highlights Sherif’s abilities as a songwriter and producer. The song is a masterpiece in mood and atmosphere, conveying the listener an entirely distinct world. Every note beat and cadence is precisely timed and handled, resulting in a genuine gem of contemporary pop and R&B music. Leonie Sherif has crafted a song that is both incredibly gorgeous and deeply resonant with “Esoteric,” solidifying her spot as an emerging star in the world of popular music. If this is just the outset of what Sense’n’Sherif Music has in store for us, we’re in for a delight.

Listen to “Esoteric” by Leonie Sherif on Spotify or SoundCloud, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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