Marc Rangel is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter with exciting tracks and gorgeous lyrics that keep you engaged with her tracks with songs that appear in perfect harmonizing. Her new single, titled “Song Cry,” released on February 24th this year, is an unvarnished and honest statement of the emotions that emerge when confidence is broken in a relationship and one is misled. Also, it’s a testimony to the power of music to capture the spirit of relationship challenges and transform it into a captivating melody. Let’s talk about it in detail.

The exquisite instrumentation of “Song Cry,” including hi-hats, kicks, a compelling piano chord progression, and gorgeously entwined melodies, pulls us in from the very first notes, setting the scene for a beguiling voyage while producing an alluring atmosphere that gives shivers. Marc Rangel’s vocals then set the stage and incorporate the song’s deserved charm and glitz with her amazing vocal melody that flows seamlessly through the song as she sings with an evident feeling of despair, with each note expressing the enormity of her anguish. Not to mention the tempo, which is precisely structured and allows audiences a great deal of room to ponder about what’s emerging in front of them. Concerning her performance, the lyrics are conveyed clearly, and the way she performed the song is extremely compelling, creating an intriguing ambiance enough to grab you.

“Song Cry” is a profoundly intimate and sincere song that explores the agony of deceit and anguish. Marc Rangel sings about the anguish she felt when she discovered that the person she had been in a “situationship” with for two years had been concealing a long-term relationship from her. The song then addresses the universal experience of heartbreak and the fight to overcome a traumatic past. Marc Rangel’s lyrics are painfully honest and vulnerable, exposing her pain and sorrow while also expressing her rage and sadness. Many people would be impacted by this song because it is heartfeltly composed and Marc brilliantly conveys such personal emotions that relating with them would be a relief.

Overall, “Song Cry” is a gorgeously constructed ballad that demonstrates Marc Rangel’s powerful vocals and composing ability. With this track, I feel she has created a truly memorable piece of music with its haunting accompaniment, solid singing, and honest words that will reverberate with anyone who has ever been through similar circumstances. It’s the lead single from her forthcoming project, and it’s yet another incredible addition to her catalog. I recommend listening to some of her previous songs for a thrilling musical voyage.

Listen to “Song Cry” by Marc Rangel on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

Notable Lyrics
I’ma make this song cry, as I tell you goodbye
I’m steady chilling, you won’t catch me slipping
Won’t let no loser get me in my feelings
I’ma make this song cry, as I tell you goodbye
Too much of a real bitch to fall for your gimmicks
This ain’t goodbye baby, this is good riddance

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