Andrew Keeler, aka Tasty, is a 23-year-old guitarist, pianist, and vocalist from New Orleans/Louisiana. Tasty draws inspiration from Mumford and Sons, Lauryn Hill, Mac Miller, Mike Posner, Frank Ocean, and The Beatles, making his tracks charming with exquisite ensembles that complement the melodic style of his songs. His new single, “Another Day Alive,” which was released on February 20th, is a soulful and optimistic song about finding confidence in life even when confronted with hurdles. Now, let me tell you all about the music.

Opening with an ethereal intro that grabs your attention right away, “Another Day Alive” is laid out in a tranquil and serene tone, providing a perfect environment for its reflective lyrics. Tasty’s vocals are marvelous, with the smoothest cadence and slickest changes I’ve heard in a long time. They’re eloquent and he develops a compelling rhythm that takes the listeners along while delivering in an unambiguous and heartfelt tone that allows you to engage with the emotions behind the lyrics. The song’s simple melody and lovely orchestration also contribute to its message of hope and optimism. In terms of production, the instruments sound excellent, and the aural architecture is appropriate for a song of this type. While relatively basic, the lovely saxophone melodic work on this track, while having an excellent flow, moves the track forward in a most elegant way with an element of dimension.

In accordance with its worth, the lyrics of “Another Day Alive” were composed on the same day Tasty was fired from his place of work. As a result, he uses the song to convey the idea that everything happens for reason and that even obstacles are good fortune in disguise. So, “Another Day Alive” is a song that motivates audiences to fixate on the positive aspects of their lives and seek a bright spot in any situation. It also tells us that life is a journey and that each encounter we have is an opportunity for progress and self-development. The chorus, which chants the song’s title, “Another Day Alive,” is exceptionally captivating and inspiring, propelling the song’s core theme.

“Another Day Alive” is an awesome song with no deficiencies. It advocates for itself and holds on its own grounds with a message that will be beneficial to you and make you addicted to the song as the singer’s personal fragility takes it to a higher level and sets it apart from other songs in this genre. His performance is impressive, and I find it gratifying, just as the production is. Overall, “Another Day Alive” is perfect for anyone seeking encouragement and inspiration. So, take a moment to enjoy the blessing of life, and let “Another Day Alive” serve as your encouraging soundtrack in life.

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Notable Lyrics
Made it out of trouble, another obstacle to climb
I’m scared of heights, but I can use the fear to keep the drive
Another Day Alive
The sky is not the limit
It’s only the beginning
You’re used to push to start, but it’s a manual transmission
And you’ll be just fine

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