Mr. Ferocious is the Amsterdam-based project of folk musician Viktor Griffioen, who is supported by Vincent van Wormerdam on guitars, Kees Van Der Vooren on upright bass, and Colin Lineekamp on drums. Mr. Ferocious’ music is classified as ‘bluegrasssteampunkcountrymetal,’ which is a genre in and of itself. With songs that not only display his originality as a musician but also rare examples of tastefully tried but outstanding compositions that seem as uncommon as a treasure, Mr. Ferocious released a new song on the 9th of September named “Wait Beneath Your Window” and I must admit it’s a gripping one.

“Wait Beneath Your Window” begins with bright and gorgeous acoustic guitar chords that are compellingly unique on any tune. Mr. Ferocious’ vocals also evoke the correct mood and have a very relaxing impact on listeners, with lyrics that suit the overall feeling of the tune to perfection. Mr. Ferocious’ composition is philosophical, and his vocals are delivered with depth and an almost Shakespearean style. The numerous levels of sound composition rocket to a melody and the drumbeat blend into the power chords and acoustic riffs.

“Wait Beneath Your Window,” with its vocal tone and melody complementing its message, is a love ballad. Mr. Ferocious takes us on a wonderful voyage with refinement and charm in this song, declaring his love for a girl who appears to be striving to find a loved companion. Lyrics like “I’d die for you,” and “Sell my rotten soul for you,”  illustrate how he’s always ready to be the most perfect match for this girl he has begun to fall for.

“Wait Beneath Your Window” is just that soothing tune with compassionate words and vibrant musical components that lighten up even the darkest days with the credibility obtained from relevant lyrics, vocal style, and guitar acoustics. Overall, we get to witness an exciting story given by Mr. Ferocious. Also, the song’s arrangement is crafted in such a way that it perfectly follows the story and provides for a mesmerizing listen and I guess I’ve finally found a song to sing to my crush.

Listen to “Wait Beneath Your Window” by Mr. Ferocious on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
You’re easily the prettiest girl in town
And I know you could have anyone
I sure do hope you like having me around
Cause babe, I’m pretty sure I’m the one

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