Troy is the United States-based musician known as Onbar, and he has a seductive voice texture that distinguishes his tune from the throng. Onbar expertly blends creative musical components with his distinct voice to bring his tunes to life. Among his repertoire, he has published various tunes, but his most recent “Good,” released on August 19th of this year, drew my interest. This music was created in two days with the aid of two of Onbar’s friends, Patrick Hizon, the producer and co-writer, and Orion, who is also a co-writer. Stay tuned as we go into the specifics of this “Good” song.

“Good,” which begins with a positive atmosphere, is catchy, and funky, and you can find yourself liking it straight away. Onbar’s tone is soft and bright, which fits the song’s approach. The instrumentation used here is incredibly unusual and perfectly portrays the feel of the song. “Good” develops brilliantly, with dynamic transitions that contribute to an interesting listening experience. “Good” combines elements of a soul rock ballad with the contentment of an R&B song. Onbar’s voice is quite notable and lovely, and it fits perfectly.

Good is a testimonial to teamwork and having fun as described though it tells the story of someone who encounters a stunning girl at a pub and bravely approaches her. With this song, Onbar creates an environment that enthralls you in his music. With the finger snaps that add a good element of percussion to the instruments, the production work on this song produces the perfect sunny weekend mood while the soft and beautiful melody keeps you enthralled.

Overall, “Good” is a mesmerizingly simple listening experience. It’s a nice song to listen to with a sweetheart on a weekend. And it’s perfect for expressing how you make each other feel.

Listen to “Good” by Onbar on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Forget these other guys
You don’t need them
We can keep it cool
For the weekend
Your body on mine’s
All I’m thinkin’
I’m not playin’ around

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