Rokita, an original Michigander with the purpose of creating original rock-style songs that inspire and make people ‘feel good’ after listening to have a positive impact, is back with an exceptionally stunning and dynamic rock song titled “Cranial Euphoria.” released on February 25th this year, “Cranial Euphoria,” is a nearly 3-minute long track with an insightful message that seeks to provide the audience with a feeling of exhilaration and happiness. Let’s talk about it.

Described as a fresh, original, upbeat, feel-good, and dreamy song with catchy lyrics, “Cranial Euphoria” starts infectiously with a vibrant and driving guitar riff that gives the song a diverse and appealing listening experience with the singer’s amazing vocal performance communicates the words with passion and energy. This produces a very unforgettable song with the refrain and immerses the listener in the melody. “Cranial Euphoria” has such an uncommon vibe that I trust that if you close your eyes and listen, you will be whisked to a realm of delight and amusement. Now with its solid production without any interruptions, the flying violin notes, vivacious piano keys, and shimmering electric guitar riffs kept the song’s feelings high, which I admired and think showed each instrument’s competence in producing ideal sounds.

Lyrically, “Cranial Euphoria” is both intriguing and uplifting. The lyrics convey the idea of achieving elation through music and how it can transport us to a higher level of knowledge, providing fresh prospects for personal growth and self-exploration. The accompanying video is an equally potent visualization of the song’s theme and intensity. It includes a variety of live acts by the band members as well as a varied array of imagery that elicit an overwhelming sense of astonishment and surprise.

Overall, “Cranial Euphoria” is a gorgeously composed and outstanding rock song that demonstrates music’s power and potential to affect us profoundly. The lyrics are lively and affluent with a distinct melody and excellent production that entices listeners. So listen to the music, sense the playfulness of each note, and enjoy every chord being strummed, and you’ll become addicted to Rokita’s catalog.

Listen to “Cranial Euphoria” by Rokita on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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