Sharl, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, is quickly establishing herself as a pop force to be reckoned with. Sharl, an excellent singer-songwriter who was formerly signed to a UK indie record company, makes an exciting re-debut as an independent artist in 2022. This year has witnessed a solid start with five single releases, delighting listeners with a completely new sense of style. Sharl has wonderfully braided her musical experiences with her current track named “3 Words,” which was released on June 3rd this year.

“3 Words” is a track that elicits deep feelings at every moment. You might question how a song can boost you to the point where you feel virtually reborn, yet that is exactly what “3 Words” accomplishes. You would grasp the profundity of the music if you listened to it.

“3 Words” is a unique pop tune in its own right. It elicits numerous emotions, but most notably tenderness in hearts that seem too scarred to ever experience this sensation once more. When you listen to this song and think about the words, you realize how much it heals you. It makes you want to dream, love, and be hopeful all over again. The lyrics discuss love and how frequently you feel hopeful. And how that can’t be reversed and the situation changed instantly and eternally. “3 Words” also delves into the motivations of the person who said it and how it may not be real, as well as their own.

Sharl’s voice on the track is very distinctive, and it fits the song brilliantly. Sharl provides a song worth streaming with a dazzling musical production, stunning voice, and great words. As a listener, you will feel relief like never before with the delicate and emotional compositions.

Listen to “3 Words” by Sharl on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!