Thehiz, a rising solo artist, returns with his glitched-out, uplifting new tune “All My Love.” Following the release of his first song “SUBMARINE,” Thehiz builds an enticing soundtrack throughout “All My Love,” instilling an infectious “enjoy your life to the fullest” mentality. Thehiz’s artistic style presents a sympathetic tale portraying adversity, resilience, and perseverance, as seen in both of the young artist’s initial songs. Thehiz is an Ethiopian-born composer and producer who presently resides in Washington, D.C.

Thehiz’s new track “All My Love” is quite solid. He’s made a forceful, thumping tune that’s entertaining and happy. This is undeniably a sultry dancing approach. His blend of ingredients with the Funk Pop is something to look out for in the song from a creative viewpoint. The mood is lively, and the fast building power is efficient on the tune.

“All My Love” is an uplifting pop song about genuine love, friendship love, and brother and sister love. Also included,  is a song about encouraging someone on their life path. Both Thehiz’s lyrics and vocal delivery are excellent. His vocal style and words keep you captivated throughout. You’ll be charmed by his grammatical perfection while you dance to the tune, which is commendable of him. He never seemed to lose his energy, which contributes to the song’s beauty. The guitar solo adds to the excitement as the song advances, and I enjoy how his voice was used creatively in the singing area.

Essentially, “All My Love” is a vibrant, upbeat piece that will surely appeal to listeners. Additionally, the incredibly optimistic groove pattern is something that many of us may utilize to motivate ourselves on a bad day. One aspect of his performance that stands out is his bravery in expressing his feelings via lyrics. He appeared to be so strong and brazen that his free-spirited personality in his performance may have a positive impression on his fans.

Watch the video for “All My Love” by Thehiz with the link provided below and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

And when you’re running out of gas
I’ll be the one to light your path
And long after the road is through
I’ll be the one still holding you