Sabet and Doherty’s “The Secret” EP is a masterful compilation of four tracks that highlight their enormous ability as music teachers, songwriters, and producers. Based in the United States, Cedar Grove, Sabet, and Doherty formed during the pandemic and their compositions are a pleasure of nostalgic music and lyrics that evoke various emotions in anyone’s heart every time they listen to their songs. “The Secret” EP was published on January 24th and is their second project in their catalog after their 5-track EP in March 2020. This EP combines vintage 80s sounds and modern recording methods, resulting in a memorable hearing experience. Now let’s discuss it.

The EP begins with “The Secret,” which serves as an excellent introduction to Sabet and Doherty’s throwback 80s vibe. The driving rhythm, synth sounds, and catchy melody of the song will captivate listeners from the first note. The lyrics address the concept of keeping secrets and the allure of keeping things concealed. The singer’s vocals are clear and complement the overall vibe of the track with profound lyrics that certainly retain the impression that the instruments convey. The drums are energetically performed and it’s amazing.

“You Will,” the following track, is a fascinating ballad that displays Sabet and Doherty’s skillful composition and emotive singing. The song is a tribute to the power of optimism and fortitude, with lyrics that approach the difficulties we all encounter in life and the significance of perseverance in the face of hardship. The song has a lovely melody and lush musical compositions that complement the raw emotion of the singing flawlessly. The lyrics are profound, with a catchy melody and comforting, nostalgic sounds. The percussion patterns are fantastic and will have you air drumming throughout the song.

Following that is the instrumental track “At the Brink of Dawn,” which serves as a lovely interlude that lets listeners recoup their breath and take in the EP’s lush aural environment. With evocative synth tunes and atmospheric soundscapes that take the listener to another world entirely, the track is a masterpiece in atmosphere and mood. Its ethereal ambiance is both soothing and compelling and¬†wonderfully depicts the sensation of admiring the sunrise and the hope that it brings.

Lastly, “DLMD,” a driving and dynamic track that perfectly captures the EP’s vintage yet contemporary sound, brings the EP to a close. The song features driving percussion and soaring guitar riffs, as well as lyrics about trusting someone to be there for you even in the most difficult situations. The vocals are gorgeously crafted, and the electric guitars add a lot of complexity to the composition. “DLMD” is an appropriate conclusion to an EP that is both sentimental and forward-thinking, telling us that great music spans category and period.


Overall, “The Secret” is a beautiful and cohesive EP that highlights Sabet and Doherty’s obvious skill and ingenuity. Each track is a work of art in its own right, with thoughtful lyrics, flawless production, and a diverse aural identity that distinguishes it from everything else out there. Sabet and Doherty lead us on a musical voyage that is both familiar and fresh, from the first to the last piece. These two music teachers have a promising future ahead of them, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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