From San Jose, California, and a key member of the synthpop band The Monitors, Sam Feinstein displays his talent with “Hamster Wheel,” a DIY track that honors his musical roots. The song, which was lovingly written and recorded in September and October, is a moving tribute to the loss of Sam Foreman, a founding member of The Monitor, causing their break. It was released today, November 30. However, “Hamster Wheel,” is a potent display of Sam Feinstein’s unquestionable talent and a moving dive into the challenges many people face in the modern world, has thrust him into the spotlight with its upbeat, 80s-esque anthem that explores the frustrations of those caught in the never-ending cycle of unfulfilling jobs and unattainable peddled by the media.

From the moment the song kicks off, Feinstein delights us with an entry that weaves together a variety of sounds that promptly grab our attention. It has a strong synth-pop core and is contagious in every manner. Following this beautiful introduction, Feinstein’s vocals rise with an attractive blend of emotion and strength without fault matching the track’s hammering beats and retro-inspired synths. His heartfelt performance drives home the song’s premise and adds depth to the story. It’s amazing how well he knows how to apply his voice as an instrument to provide a rich sonic experience. I can’t say much but in a word, he’s an expert!

Can you guess what makes “Hamster Wheel” more enjoyable? Yes, let me tell you. It’s the theme’s depth! With Sam Feinstein’s musical appeal and clever use of poetry, the song portrays the misery and disappointment of people forced to endure a life of endless work, balanced against the glamorous image of a lavish lifestyle that the media promotes. Feinstein is certainly deserving of praise for his knack for transforming such real problems into a synth-driven catchy tune. It is very amazing. Through this lovely arrangement, he reveals amazing competence and emotions.

Production-wise, “Hamster Wheel” is an excellent song that harmoniously combines a classic and modern vibe. The dynamic synth-pop and 80s-esque combined to produce a sound that is truly special and nicely designed. These standards, show Feinstein’s passion for his work by fusing subtle current elements with an 80s vibe. Also, the instrumentation is terrific and breathes a type of vibrancy that will keep you hooked throughout. The beats and melodies blend to create an entrancing sound, and the vibe is contagious. This sums up Feinstein’s understanding of the genre well. His skill is unquestionably ten out of ten if I had to grade him.

To sum up, it’s safe to say “Hamster Wheel” is pretty much the best music ever, and yes, I listened to it on repeat more than I have ever done for any song. It’s ideally a good song. It communicated with authenticity and transported a strong message while on the other hand inviting us to sway along to the infectious beat. With “Hamster Steel” It is obvious Sam Feinstein has left a lasting impression on the music industry while at the same time carving a path of his own and honoring his musical roots.

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