Released on October 1, “Gentle Journey,” is a captivating composition by bassist David Finck that unfolds as a delightful showcase of musical prowess and collaboration. The ensemble of talented artists involved in this jazzy masterpiece seamlessly weaves a tapestry of sonic elegance, leaving us enraptured by the sheer brilliance of their performances. Join me on this ‘gentle journey’ as I get the privilege to talk to David from the other side of the world. Enjoy our conversation below.

SONGWEB: Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind “Gentle Journey”?

DAVID: The inspiration for Gentle Journey came from me wanting a fun/up song about two people belonging together. Melody and harmony developed at the same time. I added lyrics a little at a time along the way.

SONGWEB: Can you share with us the creative process behind bringing together such a diverse lineup of musicians for this particular song?

DAVID: The song was recorded years ago in a much jazzier style. I wanted it to be just a bit more hard-hitting. I called musicians that I have known over the years who I knew had a good feel for this kind of stuff.

SONGWEB: The addition of Lea Mullen on percussion adds an international flavor to the mix. How did your past experiences, especially touring with George Michael, influence the decision to collaborate with Lea, and how did her unique style enhance the overall sound of the song?

DAVID: Lea Mullen and I did several tours with George Michael and we became good friends. I was thrilled to have Lea be part of this.

SONGWEB: How did the connection with Catherine, borrowed from Steely Dan, shape the direction of the track?

DAVID: Catherine Russell can sing anything. I have worked with her in several jazz situations and I knew she would bring something nice to the song. She has a rich sound, great diction, and pitch, and she phrases with great sensibility about keeping the balance between music and words.

SONGWEB: Were there specific qualities in Catherine’s voice that you felt complemented the musical narrative you were aiming to create?

DAVID: I hire Andy Snitzer whenever I can get him. He plays beautifully and with great feeling. He understood the vibe of the song immediately and jumped right in.

SONGWEB: Lastly, what are your plans for your artistic journey and where do you hope to take your work in the future?

DAVID: I am currently recording my next project. Much like the previous recordings, it will be a mix of instrumental and vocal material, with some standards and originals as well.

Overall, Catherine Russell’s vocals grace the track with a mesmerizing blend of soul and nuance, effortlessly conveying the emotive nuances of the lyrics. Her voice, a beacon of expressiveness, adds a layer of sophistication to the overall composition. Meanwhile, Andy Snitzer’s tenor saxophone contributions serve as a dynamic force, injecting the piece with a sense of fluidity and improvisational spirit. Tony Kadleck’s trumpet and Mike Davis’ trombone create a brass section that not only complements but elevates the composition to new heights Bernd Shoenhardt’s guitar work adds a subtle yet crucial element to the song, providing a harmonic foundation that enhances the overall richness of the arrangement. The rhythmic backbone, skillfully crafted by Clint de Gannon on drums and Lea Mullen on percussion, forms the heartbeat of “Gentle Journey” ensuring a steady and infectious groove that keeps the listener entranced from start to finish.

Listen to “Gentle Journey” by David E. Finck on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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