Spyderhuff, an ensemble that masterfully fuses classic rock and alt-country, has once again graced us with its musical prowess. With Tom Kuhr on vocals, guitar, harmonica, sax, and synth, Don Beyer on bass and synth, Jim Pauli on drums, Joey Gaydos on guitar, Tony Mitchell on congas, bongos, drums, and backing vocals, and Julie Noe on backing vocals, this band is no stranger to our blog. Their latest offering, a cover of Jimmy Webb’s timeless “Wichita Lineman,” released on June 7, is a stirring homage that will undoubtedly resonate deeply with listeners.

From the first notes, Spyderhuff establishes a mood of dusty dissatisfaction that perfectly complements the song’s narrative. The opening line, “I am a lineman for the county/ And I drive the main road,” sung with Tom Kuhr’s signature raspy tenderness, instantly transports us to that “lonesome stretch of highway” Webb himself envisioned. As the song progresses, Kuhr’s vocals take center stage. He imbues the lyrics with a quiet desperation, a yearning for connection that is palpable. Lines like “I hear you singing in the wire/ I can hear you through the whine” become testaments to the lineman’s longing for solace, a connection that transcends the physical distance separating him from his loved one.

Then comes the beauty – the introduction of Julie Noe’s backing vocals. Her voice, a gentle counterpoint to Kuhr’s gruff charm, adds a layer of aching beauty to the song. Together, their voices paint a picture of a love that endures despite the miles and the monotony of the lineman’s work. This to me, is a testament to the power of human connection, a sparkling flame that refuses to be beat out by the vastness of the plains.

Talking of the instrumentation, the blend of classic rock’s boldness with alt-country’s soulfulness perfectly complements Webb’s original composition. The harmonica and sax interludes played by Kuhr add a distinctive touch, weaving through the melody with a melancholic grace that mirrors the lineman’s solitude and his deep, contemplative thoughts. The overall production is understated yet impactful, allowing the raw emotion of the song to shine through.

Spyderhuff’s cover of “Wichita Lineman” is not just a reimagining of a classic; it is a loving homage that captures the soul of Jimmy Webb’s original vision. Webb himself, who described the song as being about “an ordinary person who has extraordinary thoughts,” would likely be delighted with this rendition. I, for example, couldn’t help but imagine Jimmy Webb listening to this rendition with a wide smile. Spderhuff has managed to convey the universal themes of longing and dedication that are at the heart of the song, all while showcasing their unique musical talents. So, this is to Spyderhuff, thank you for sharing this beautiful cover with us.

Listen to “Witchita Lineman” by Spyderhuff on Spotify, watch the video with the below link, and let us know your thoughts.

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PS: The artist was discovered on MusoSoup, and a contribution was made to publish this.