Tuesday , October 3 2023

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Rye Catchers’ “UFO” is a Bouncy Melody Track.

Rye Catchers, a Milwaukee-based band with a diverse range of genres and talented musicians, is back with new songs for its listeners. “UFO” is their newest single, written and produced by David McClintick. “UFO” is the band’s newest release, and it contains vocals from Nikki Simmons and Hannah Richardson. On …

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Rye Catchers Releases the EDM-infused song “Ordinary.”

“Ordinary” Does Not Provide The Listener With The Electropop Experience They Are Looking For. Rye Catchers is a fascinating and ever-changing assemblage of one-of-a-kind artists from around the United States and internationally, meticulously curated by composer and producer David McClintick Roberts. Rye Catchers has an individuality. It does not confine …

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