The Almas is emerging from the heartland of America, from the haven of New Munster, Wisconsin. This isn’t your average rock band; they’re a force of nature, a road-tested quartet fueled by high-octane riffs, Crystal Teigland’s powerhouse vocals, and a mission that goes far beyond the stage. These aren’t just musicians; they’re champions. Champions of pure, unadulterated rock and roll—the kind that gets fists pumping and souls soaring. Let’s delve into their single, “Crowns,” a song that’s an anthem for resilience.

From the first guitar strum, “Crowns” grabs us with an irresistible blend of classic rock sensibilities and modern edge. Crystal Teigland’s vocals shine with a raw, emotive power that is both commanding and deeply resonant. Her performance is a masterclass in vocal dynamism as she navigates through the verses with a controlled intensity and then soars through the chorus with an anthemic fervor that captivates. Her voice is a beacon, guiding us through the song’s thematic landscape of self-empowerment and resilience. Her delivery is powerful; I felt the fight, the resilience, and the unwavering spirit burning through every word.

Thematically, “Crowns” is a rallying cry for personal strength and overcoming adversity. The lyrics resonate with a message of defiance against the odds and the reclamation of one’s power. It’s a song that speaks to the universal struggle of rising above life’s challenges and emerging victorious. The lyrics are powerful and relatable, urging us to rise above our challenges and proudly wear our metaphorical ‘crowns’. The Almas’ commitment to mental health awareness and their support of veteran events like Rock 2 Stop 22 shine through in the earnestness and sincerity of their music.

Taking into account the beauty of the track, Teigland isn’t the lone queen on this throne. The instrumental foundation laid down by the rest of the band is special. Frank Slifka’s lead guitar work is a masterclass in weaving melody and grit, perfectly complementing the vocals. Josh Sukowski’s rhythm guitar adds a layer of driving force, while Andrew Ehredt’s drumming provides the rock-solid backbone that propels the song forward. The production is crisp and polished, allowing every instrument to shine without sacrificing the raw energy that defines The Almas’ sound. With this song, Kile Odell has helped the band translate their vision into a sonic masterpiece.

In essence, “Crowns” is just a taste of what The Almas have to offer. With a string of acclaimed releases under their belt, including a self-titled EP and the albums ‘Back to Bad’ and ‘Truth Sells,’ they are a band on a mission. They’re not just creating music; they’re creating a movement, one driven by positive vibes, mental health awareness, and a deep respect for veterans. So, let’s open our ears, open our hearts, and prepare to be crowned with the electrifying rock n’ roll of The Almas. They aren’t our typical rock stars; they’re our new favorite band, ready to take us on a journey of musical empowerment.

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