When it comes to love, The Kid LAROI isn’t afraid of disapproval.

Australian hit-maker The Kid LAROI has just released his fourth single of the year with “I Guess It’s Love?” With his debut studio album underway, LAROI has garnered extra hype from his latest releases, “I Can’t Go Back To The Way It Was,” “Kids Are Growing Up” and “Love Again.” The latter of the three has even charted on Billboard‘s Hot 100 since its drop on January 27th. Now back with a new single to tease fans even more, the 19-year-old has shown his innate ability to produce wide-reaching tracks.

In light of The First Time, which will be LAROI’s first LP, the singer sat down with Billboard to dish on his success over the recent years. LAROI, who first signed with Columbia Records when he was 15, described how “you don’t know anything” at that age. His first and most recent project, F**k Love, dropped right before his 16th birthday. Despite reaching Billboard‘s Top 200, LAROI reflects how he no longer resonates with the album’s messaging anymore. “I think it was an immature statement to make,” he said when reflecting on the album title, “I think it was like a heat of the moment statement.”

Accordingly, “I Guess It’s Love?” proudly shows LAROI’s acceptance of falling for another person. Throughout the song, he digs deep into his emotions to realize how powerful love can be. Be sure to check out the catchy track in the official audio video above.

As for The First Time, the album is set to release sometime this year. LAROI admits that the project has consumed two years of his creative thoughts, proving that “it’s just been a slow process.” Based on his recent hits, however, it’s likely that the final product will be well worth the wait. For more news on pop culture and hip-hop, be sure to check out Songweb.

Notable Lyrics:

At first you wouldn’t take me home, was you embarrassed of me?
Your parents said we wouldn’t last, they were scared to love me
But if they only knew my past, they’d be scared-er of me
And all these other bitches mad ’cause they know you got me
And I know you love it, you know they love me