“Monaleo wouldn’t be who she was is if it wasn’t for me,” the rapper reflects.

Texan rapper Monaleo returns to her roots in her new single, “Ridgemont Baby.” The 21-year-old dropped the track and its music video today (February 24th), debuting her first song of the new year. In “Ridgemont Baby,” Monaleo gets personal and showcases her pride in her self-made journey. On top of groovy beats, she raps, “ayy, rap shit saved me, the devil tried to take me / Stood ten toes on my problems and did it bravely.” Throughout her bars, Monaleo gives specific accounts of her living situations growing up in Ridgemont.

One moment, she’s describing spraying roaches with Lysol, and then in the next, she depicts sharing a one-bedroom flat with her whole family. Even though Monaleo didn’t grow up with cable, she reflects “I had plenty of time to work on my craft.” The “Miss U Already” rapper also notes how despite struggling in her childhood, she always dreamt big.

Monaleo’s “Ridgemont Baby” Gets Personal

In a 2022 interview with NME, the rising star reflected on transitioning her dreams into a reality. “You have these dreams and fantasies where you can visualize yourself doing something,” Monaleo said, “but when it starts to actually happen, it’s a surreal experience. I couldn’t believe it was happening, and as quickly as it was.” As her career as a rapper continues to expand, Monalo shares her hopes for the platform she’s built: “I’d like to be remembered as an artist that was fearless: someone who used her circumstances as a stepping stool to be a voice to the people who have gone through similar things.”

The music video for “Ridgemont Baby” captures the rapper driving around her hometown in a Rolls Royce. The video is well worth the watch and captures the essence of childhood dreams, so be sure to check it out above. As always, keep in touch with Songweb for the latest news in hip-hop.

Notable Lyrics:

Every time a motherfucker see you doin’ good (Aw, baby)
They try to come and discredit everything that you’ve been done (Aw, baby)
Everything you’ve been through (Aw, baby)
Everything you’ve worked for
All the hard hours you put in (Aw, baby)
Wasn’t nobody there but me and me
I picked myself up (Aw, baby)
I wiped my own tears, me, n*gga