Tink wrote on Instagram that it’s “album time.”

Amid the hard-hitting Rap releases this New Music Friday (April 29), Tink slides in with a smooth R&B offering, “Cater,” with the help of 2 Chainz. Hip Hop is known for mastering the singer-rapper collaborations that have gone down in music history, and these two have done a fine job of sharing a space where they collide on a slow jam that both the ladies and fellas will enjoy.

Hitmaka is responsible for the production on “Cater” and on Tink’s Instagram, she revealed that she’s in full album mode. Fans can expect the music video for this single to land tomorrow morning, so while you await that update, stream “Cater” by Tink and 2 Chainz and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

You’ve been on your grind and the way you shine, I’m fallin’ in love
Swallow my pride, no one alive is gonna separate us
Sit it on your lap, I massage your back anytime you had a long day
You’re about your check and I show respect ’ca