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Giveon Tackles Ugly Truths On New Single “Lie Again”

His ex-girlfriend Justine Skye called him out about this record ahead of its release.

This track arrives with a bit of controversy as the R&B beef between Giveon and ex-girlfriend Justine Skye heats up. The pair were once—seemingly—a match made in music heaven, but it all came tumbling down in real-time as Skye suggested that Giveon was unfaithful. Things have remained relatively quiet between the two until recently, after Skye released her single “What a Lie” last Friday (April 22) and Giveon announced his new track, “Lie Again.” She later called him out.

Giveon’s latest is upon us and the acclaimed singer revealed his inspiration behind the record.

“‘Lie Again’ is a story about the internal war with oneself, battling the acceptance of the ugly truth, and the refusal to embrace the ghosts of your lover’s past,” he said of his new song. “Detailing the complexities of overlooking red flags to remain blissfully ignorant in the name of love.”

We’re not sure what Justine Skye thinks of this one, but stream “Lie Again” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I, I pretend
No one has had you like I did
I don’t need the truth, baby
So lie, lie again
No one has had you like I did
I don’t need the truth, baby, no

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