Afropop sensation TolumiDE is a shining example of authenticity, as she expertly combines her Canadian background with her Nigerian lineage. Her song “Naturally Me,” which came out on September 15, 2023, is an anthem that glorifies the diversity of hairstyles that highlight their uniqueness and the variety of beauty they contain. The opening chords of “Ou Ou Ah Ah Ou Ou Ah Ou” by TolumiDE usher in a fun celebration of acceptance and self-love. Let’s now review the song’s contents.

“Naturally Me/Everything you see/All that’s within me” is a declaration that connects strongly with the opening sounds of catchy Afropop, perfectly introduced by TolumiDE. The song perfectly mirrors the beauty it pays homage to, as it develops into a fun and heartfelt journey that echoes the idea of accepting one’s real self. The lyrics are navigated by TolumiDE with a confidence that is both inspiring and infectious, thanks to her lovely, melodious caress of vocals. She makes a deep emotional connection with us through her performance, which is not just heard but also felt. Also, her stage presence is undeniably powerful, even in the sonic realm. The choice to use Yoruba phrases like “ire me O” by TolumiDE adds cultural richness to the lyrics, enhancing the connection to her heritage.

“Naturally Me” is a lively anthem to individualism and self-identity in its lyrics, highlighting the importance of loving one’s natural hair. TolumiDE sings, “My Hair is Naturally Me,” in the lyrics, as she clarifies that accepting one’s self is the core of personal beauty. Her declarations are full of pride and confidence. The rhythmic repetition of hairstyles in the post-chorus, such as “Shuku,” “All Back,” and “Cornrow,” adds a playful and dynamic element, highlighting the versatility and beauty found in African hairstyles. The general premise of the song is self-expression, as TolumiDE shows that she is open to trying various looks, such as wearing braids or letting her hair fall freely.

Musically, “Naturally Me” is an effort that displays TolumiDE’s variety and balance. The infectious beats and rhythmic melodies showcase a seamless fusion of Nigerian influences and contemporary sounds. The instrumentation adds depth to the narrative, creating a sonic landscape that is as diverse and rich as the hairstyles she celebrates. To put it briefly, the production makes the song better and gives TolumiDE’s lovely vocals the right setting to shine.

Overall, “Naturally Me” is a movement and an anthem for those who cherish the beauty of staying loyal to who they are. TolumiDE’s artistry shines through, and her ability to merge soulful vocals, captivating lyrics, and vibrant production makes this track a must-listen. “Naturally Me” stands apart in a society where norms of beauty are frequently enforced. It’s a reminder to embrace the uniqueness that makes us who we are.

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