Frank Song Jr. is an artist we should keep our eyes on. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, he emerges as a beacon of authenticity and passion with his single, “Aphrodite,” which came out on December 7, 2023. A queer BIPOC artist, Frank unveils a new chapter in his musical journey, switching from the acoustic realms of singer-songwriting to embrace the sultry fusion of soul and R&B. This evolution is not merely a musical shift but a profound exploration of self-love and a call to manifest epic love stories, challenging the narrative that love and happiness are elusive for queer individuals. Now let’s talk about “Aphrodite.”

The song opens with a gentle melody, enveloping us in a blanket of introspection. This musical arrangement is not just an aural treat but a smart narrative device, laying the basis for Frank’s deep lyrics, “I want romance, I want peace. Upon a starry hill is where hopefully we’ll meet,” that follows. These lines act as both a love spell and a prayer, an invocation to the universe for the epic love story Frank envisions. The vulnerability in his words resonates deeply, creating a universal longing for connection that transcends boundaries. His vocals, the heartbeat of the track, carry a weight of emotions with a vocal delivery that is as natural as it is smooth. The soulful and sensuous undertones create an intimate atmosphere, drawing us into the very core of his feelings. The collaboration with Jordan Maia as a background vocalist adds layers of richness to the composition, enhancing the overall texture and depth of the track.

Lyrically, “Aphrodite” is an affirmation, a call to arms for all, especially within the queer community, to believe in the possibility of romance and enduring happiness. Frank’s lyrics provide a sound haven for those who dare to dream of passionate connections, challenging the myth that says certain people are sure to live alone. In the climax of the song, Frank reveals a character named Noelle, urging him to write and sing to call his love into existence. It’s a lovely moment that highlights the power of music as an outlet for manifestation and self-discovery. As the song progresses, the crescendo builds, leaving us enveloped in an emotional whirlwind. We have hearts; we have hearts that sweetly beat. Upon this earth, we stand, upon these two feet.” These closing lines resonate as a collective anthem, echoing the universal desire for love and connection.

The production of “Aphrodite” seamlessly blends soulful melodies with a touch of sensuality, inviting us to experience new depths of affection and connection. The guitar remains a constant, grounding the song in its introspective mood, while the soft addition of the string adds layers of thoroughness and emotion. Also, the rhythmic swing of the song reflects the tides of love, providing the perfect backdrop for Frank’s heartfelt storytelling.

Overall, “Aphrodite” is a great depiction of Frank Song Jr.’s artistic evolution. He not only shares with us a new aspect of his musical ability, but he also extends an offer for us to partake in the practice of self-love and the search for meaningful relationships. “Aphrodite,” more than a song, is a ray of passion and hope that awakens the idea that everyone may experience love in all of its forms. So, let “Aphrodite” be your love spell while you listen to it—a journey into the worlds of romance and solitude!

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