Ever feel like you’re just masquerading as a grownup, winging it most of the time? Well, you’re not alone. Seaker, the captivating artist and self-producer from North London, delves into this universal experience with her hauntingly beautiful track, “Grown.” Released on March 22, “Grown” is Seaker’s return to music after stepping away from releasing music for a time to refine her sound. This comeback, surprisingly, is a powerful testament to the journey of self-discovery and the ever-present yearning for a sense of belonging, wrapped in a captivating soundscape.

“Grown,” from the onset, opens with a gentle acoustic guitar riff, its soothing melody immediately putting us at ease. Seaker’s vocals then enter, imbued with a soulful honesty that instantly draws us in as he sings, “Is this the way you wanted it to go?/ As the light she falls, and the darkness calls over land and sea,” setting the melancholy tone for the track and hinting at a sense of disillusionment with the realities of adulthood. Throughout the track, her voice emerged as both a beacon of solace and a vessel for catharsis, effortlessly weaving between haunting harmonies and soul-stirring melodies. Her performance exuded a sense of intimacy as if she were confiding in us personally, inviting us to unravel the layers of her introspection alongside her. It is beautiful in all of its aspects!

Through introspective lyricism, Seaker delves into the dichotomy of adulthood, where the pursuit of identity often intertwines with feelings of uncertainty and apprehension in “Grown.”. Lines like “we dance in the dark, but we stumble and bruise/trying to make sense of what lies beneath” paint a vivid picture of the confusion and vulnerability that often accompany growing up. We yearn for a sense of security and being “home,” but the path forward seems shrouded in darkness. Seaker beautifully captures this universal experience, making us feel understood and seen. Also, the chorus is a powerful plea for reassurance with lines like “Tell me I’m strong, tell me I’m home; when will I feel on?; when will I feel grown?” It underscores the longing for self-assurance and belonging that lingers even in the face of “ocean waves” of uncertainty.

The beauty of “Grown” lies in its masterful use of space. The muted piano tones and subtle synth textures create an ethereal soundscape, allowing Seaker’s vocals to take center stage. The mellow beat complements her singing perfectly, providing a steady pulse that underscores the song’s emotional journey. Each instrument adds a touch of color to the sonic canvas without ever distracting from the raw honesty at the song’s core.

In conclusion, “Grown” is a song that will resonate deeply with anyone who’s ever questioned their place in the world. It’s a gentle reminder that we’re all just “kids with years on us” and that the journey of self-discovery is lifelong. With its stunning vocals, relatable lyrics, and masterful acoustic production, “Grown” is a song I’d define as a timeless classic. Seaker, with this song, displays that she’s an artist deeply in touch with her vulnerability, and unafraid to share with the world. This will forever remind me of her. She has a spot in my heart and I can’t wait to hear what she creates next.

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