We Are Aerials, an Irish indie band from Derry and Donegal, has released their thought-provoking and insightful album “Every Architect of Ruin.” The album digs into a wide range of issues, from personal problems and mental health to social criticism of greed, political disillusionment, and the search for identity. “Every Architect of Ruin” was released on May 5th, and We Are Aerials presents a gripping and unforgettable listening experience with a blend of meaningful lyrics, appealing melodies, and a diversity of musical styles. Trust me, as I delve into the songs and share my thoughts with you on them.

The album begins with “Echo,” a song about uneasiness and the philosophical contemplating of life’s greater meaning. The haunting melodies, merged with Chief’s contemplative vocals, create a sense of vulnerability that the listener can relate to. It establishes the tone for the introspective trip that “Every Architect of Ruin” embarks on. Also, the instrumentation and vocals are beautiful, breaking down into the song’s essential theme and rhythm, creating a dreamlike vibe.

The next track is “Theft,” and I’m honestly taken aback by how it began with an excellent combination of sounds that work nicely together. This is a strong tune that highlights the rising expense of life. Aerials approach the subject openly, emphasizing the greed and bravado underlying it. The strong instrumentation and impassioned vocals of the song create a feeling of urgency, urging change and societal awareness.

Christopher” follows and it’s a heartfelt tribute to a friend dealing with mental illness and drinking. This is what I would call emotional and thought-provoking music, and I promise it will make an indelible effect on the listener. Chief’s touching lyrics offer a realistic picture of Christopher’s inner agony, while the music envelops the listener in a thoughtful and empathetic atmosphere. The vulnerability in this song is both poignant and realistic.

The inclusion of “Tuar na hAimsire,” with lyrics partly written in Irish, gives the album a distinct flavor. This song, inspired by the singer’s niece, conveys the wonder and innocence of an infant who is intrigued by storms. The imagery is imaginative and depicts the relationship between family and nature. While the soundscape is outstanding, with soft guitar riffs, intriguing melodies, and a precise cadence giving a wonderful backdrop to the mood of the song. Chief’s vocals are fantastic, perfectly expressing the song’s emotions with his special voice and beautiful delivery.

Songs With No Name” develops as an intriguing and evocative work that draws the listener into an unfathomable environment. The lightweight instrumentation and Chief’s serene vocals entice, providing room for personal interpretation. Within the setting of the album’s plot, it acts as a time of meditation and thought.

Everyone’s Unique Except You” takes a cynical perspective, presenting a stinging condemnation of people who desire fame. Aerials create anthemic music that questions cultural ideals and the desire for approval through biting lyrics and compelling energy. The lovely melodies and irresistible choruses of the song make it a highlight moment on the album. It draws the audience’s attention to a realm of subtle rhythms and dreamy melodies. In this song, Chief’s passionate vocals take center stage as he imparts his thoughts and inner knowledge.

Geese Teeth” adds a surreal touch to the record, inspired by a strange meeting with migratory geese. This instrumental composition demonstrates Chief’s talent for creating ambient soundscapes that immerse the listener in the story being told. The combination of live sounds and spoken word produces a unique and compelling aural world.

Aerials delve into political commentary in “Empire,” exploring the despair and fury of regular people who have been let down by their governments. The lyrics address the system’s mentality of entitlement and lack of accountability. Musically, the music exudes resistance and strength, propelled by driving rhythms and forceful instruments. The guitar solo demonstrates the band’s skill, exhibiting their superb musicianship and ability to construct captivating tunes.

Tides” stands out as a testimony to tenacity and personal development. The emotional journey conveyed in the song is reflected in Chief’s statement of originally rejecting the original lyrics but finally finding the correct words. The track’s introspective character, along with its uplifting melodies and sympathetic vocals, exemplifies Aerials’ ability to produce genuinely personal and relevant music.

Ghostlight,” the album’s last track, demonstrates Chief’s fondness for the gothic style. The tune, which was inspired by Bram Stoker’s novel, tackles themes of insomnia and isolation from the world. The lyrics offer an affecting image of sleep deprivation and living in a phantom world. The atmospheric instrumentation and Chief’s emotive vocals make for an enthralling album conclusion.

Overall, “Every Architect of Ruin” is an engrossing and unified album that travels across numerous emotional landscapes, both personal and social. Throughout, We Are Aerials exhibit its musical diversity and lyrical depth, handling difficult issues with honesty and reflection. The songs combine to provide an engrossing listening experience, allowing listeners to reflect on their personal experiences and connect with the larger topics offered. We Are Aerials have created an album that will be treasured for its unique sound and meaningful songs.

Listen to the “Every Architect of Ruin” album by We Are Aeriels on SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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