Welcome back, dear readers, as we dig into a long-awaited album, “Make Yourself Known,” by the brilliant Tom Craven. Having previously reviewed his compelling track “New Signals,” it’s a delight to have Tom grace our blog with his soul-stirring music once again. “Make Yourself Known,” released on May 5th, is a twelve-track masterpiece that captures the essence of triumph over hardship, self-discovery, and the healing power of music itself. This album, which was recorded remotely during the hard UK lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, stands as a monument to the tenacity and creativity that bloomed in difficult times. Stick with me as I go into each song in depth.

The album begins with “Let It Fall (My December),” an effective opener that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Craven draws us inside his introspective world, bringing consolation amid hardship. The gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics of the song invite us to accept vulnerability and find strength in letting go. Tom’s vocals are masterfully crafted to fit the colorful music. Also, the song is well constructed enough to completely engulf us in a deep ride.

As we progress through the album, we discover “Hidden City,” a song that relates to the intense feelings felt during periods of solitude. Craven evokes the spirit of loneliness and grief with haunting melodies that pull at the emotions. This song serves as a reminder that even in our darkest hours, there is hidden strength waiting to be revealed. This song is catchy and addicting, and it’s so strong that you’ll find your feet tapping as you sing it. The instrumentation is so wonderful that the acoustic and electric guitars merge to create an enveloping impression.

New Signals,” a song we previously reviewed and that triggered excitement among audiences after its single release, emerges as a sparkling jewel on the album. It serves as a light of hope and rejuvenation, reflecting on the power of transformation and progress. This intriguing music has Tom’s characteristic combination of contemplation and uplifting melodies. The harmonious backdrop enchants the listener, while Tom Craven’s lovely vocals flow flawlessly and leave us in amazement. He was quite impassioned, and his performance was exceptional.

Secondhand Smoke (Same Jeans)” delves into the idea of development and change. This song contemplates the fleeting aspect of existence, imploring us to let go of our old selves and welcome new possibilities. It’s a poignant reminder that growth frequently requires letting go of familiar comforts and embracing the unknown. This rock song has a great beat and lovely vocal arrangements that make it sound like the flawless piece of art that it is.

A Change in the Papers” examines the world’s turmoil and the influence of media in molding our perspectives. Craven’s insightful lyrics remind us to examine the myths we’ve been taught and to pursue the truth with integrity. This song’s competent orchestration and ardent vocals enhance its intensity even further. It is, nevertheless, a soulful song that will take you off guard at first until you hear Tom Craven’s comforting vocals mixed with the gorgeous and appealing instrumentals.

“Catalyst,” another deep song, marks a turning point on the album, symbolizing a profound moment of self-awareness. The slow-paced beat and emotive words of the song represent the spark that fires the path of human progress. It urges us to accept change as a catalyst for growth and to embrace the challenges that it brings. With its originality, every listener will want to go even deeper into its beauty with each lyric, rhythm, and melody. It’s magical and will make you want to immerse yourself.

Sleep” is a pleasant song that delves into the theme of vulnerability. Craven’s soothing vocals and introspective lyrics create a mood of reflection, reminding us of the value of relaxation and self-care amid life’s tumult. It’s a sincere reminder that our capacity to surrender and find consolation inside ourselves is frequently a source of strength. This song gives you all the feels. It genuinely conjures a sense of delightfulness while maintaining a swift pace and gorgeous ambiance that is pleasing to everyone’s ears.

The Game Inside” digs into the complexity of the human psyche and is introduced in a pleasingly charming manner. Craven’s insightful lyrics and evocative soundscapes urge us to delve into the complexities of our brains while embracing the challenges we confront within. It’s an engrossing and deep play that pushes us to accept our true selves and find serenity amid chaos. This song is particularly compelling because of its pop features and Tom’s excellent vocal delivery.

The next song, “Dreams of Sixsmith,” highlights Tom’s storytelling abilities, bringing us on a narrative trip through vivid imagery and lyrical depth. This song allows for comprehension, allowing us to weave our own stories into the song’s fabric. The song’s entire listening experience is excellent and takes us into its universe, thanks to Craven’s refined vocal performance and appealing production ideas.

Truffles” is an enjoyable change of pace on the album. This lively and cheerful melody instills a sense of excitement and lightness, urging us to enjoy life’s little joys. This song’s catchy rhythms and upbeat lyrics provide a nice break from the album’s more somber periods.

Atlantic Balls – Piano Version” demonstrates Tom’s flexibility as an artist by bringing a hint of compassion and stripped-back candor. This soul-stirring rendition captivates us with its honest passion and highlights the perseverance that can be discovered amid personal storms. The song has an ethereal breath that may make listeners feel hopeful, thanks to its soothing melody and Tom Craven’s glorious vocals. The piano notes are stunning, and the juxtaposition between them and the profound lyrics provides a genuinely one-of-a-kind and touching experience.

Finally, we reach “Little Steps,” the album’s final tune. This moving and reflective song reflects the time we’ve had with Craven. It reflects the album’s main subject of perseverance and personal progress, leaving us with a sense of hope and a reminder that even the most little actions may lead to tremendous improvement. Craven’s vocals are outstanding, and all of the details he adds to the song make it even more beautiful and loving. And, thanks to the incredible production, you’ll be quickly hooked to the song and everything it has to offer.

Overall, “Make Yourself Known” by Tom Craven is an achievement, a musical expedition that leads us on a voyage of self-discovery and regeneration. Each track weaves a tapestry of emotions, showcasing the breadth of Craven’s artistic vision and his ability to reach out to his listeners’ hearts. Tom Craven’s progress as an artist and his unfailing devotion to sincerity are on display throughout the album, from the contemplative and emotional moments to the uplifting and powerful songs. He has crafted a musical masterpiece with this album that resonates significantly throughout our common existence. It demonstrates the healing power of music and serves as a reminder of the strength we may discover inside ourselves through difficult times. This album is not only a must-listen, but it is also topical and inspirational.

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