Xzibit Is Lying About His Finances, Has Millions Hidden In Vaults Claims Estranged Wife

Xzibit’s wife thinks he can afford spousal support.

Xzibit’s been steeped in financial drama recently. He and Dr. Dre just won a lawsuit defending themselves in a case against their Brass Knuckles cannabis company. The rapper also accused Viacom of owing him a ton of money for his hit series Pimp My Ride. Now, his wife has the same accusation to make of him.

According to Krista Joiner—Xzibit’s estranged wife—Xzibit isn’t being up front about his finances. Joiner claims in court documents that Xzibit is trying to act like he’s destitute when really he has a lot of money in cash.


In the documents obtained by TMZ, Joiner says that Xzibit’s brother gave her the down low on what’s really going on. According to the brother, Xzibit takes home over $1 million from Brass Knuckles and hides the cash in bank-sized vaults dispersed in multiple locations. Joiner says Xzibit’s brother claimed that he stored $20 million for Xzibit in the multitude of vaults, and gets Xzibit cash whenever he needs it.

In the past, Xzibit has claimed that he isn’t making much money at all from Brass Knuckles and his other marijuana ventures. Joiner paints a different picture. She also says that Xzibit lied when he claimed she secretly bought a Bentley and was living in the family home with her new boyfriend, refusing to sell it.

Instead, Joiner says, it she who is having financial difficulties. She says she lost her job and doesn’t have any earnings currently to support herself or their son. She added that X has ignored her pleas for money for gas, food, or even their son’s inhaler.

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