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Monthly Archives: May 2023

Let us “Dive” into the Enchanting Depths of Under Delusion’s Single, A Thrilling Exploration of Enthusiasm and Connection.

Under Delusion, a Russian-based Alternative Rock band has made its impact on the music arena once more, this time with “Dive,” a 2:57-second tune released on March 31st. “Dive” is an acknowledgment of the trio’s ever-growing talent as it immerses listeners (us) in a mesmerizing world of raw emotions and insightful narrative, …

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Logic Delivers Fast Flows On “Juice II”

If you are a Logic fan, you know that the man has been through a plethora of different eras throughout his career. Overall, some eras are looked back at more fondly than others. For instance, when he was just dropping mixtapes, he had the Young Sinatra phase. Although this was about a decade ago, some fans still …

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Pressa Unleashes New Single “Unfollow Me”

Coming out of Toronto, Pressa has had a ton of amazing artists to look up to over the years. Of course, Toronto is known as the land of Drake. However, to boil the city down to just Drizzy would be a mistake. Artists like Pressa have kept the scene going for a …

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Sleepy Hallow & Lil Tjay Link Up For “Pain Talk”

Sleepy Hallow has been in the news as of late. Overall, it has not been for the best of reasons. He was arrested and indicted alongside Sheff G for their alleged involvement in a string of shootings in Brooklyn. Thirty-two people were arrested as part of this sting, and it remains to …

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