Coming out of Toronto, Pressa has had a ton of amazing artists to look up to over the years. Of course, Toronto is known as the land of Drake. However, to boil the city down to just Drizzy would be a mistake. Artists like Pressa have kept the scene going for a very long time. The young star has even received co-signs from Drake, which just goes to show how solid of an artist he is. For years, he has been dropping an array of tracks, projects, and amazing collaborations. Off the top of our heads, we always think back to the success of “Attachments,” which featured burgeoning superstar Coi Leray.

Now, Pressa is on the move, and he is looking to take his career to the next level. With more fans waiting on new music than ever before, the Toronto native has been hard at work. It’s been a while since we have seen a new single from him, although today, he made sure to change that. Below, you can find the lyric video for his brand-new single “Unfollow Me.” The song has no features and showcases exactly what Pressa can do on the mic.

With this track, we get some upbeat yet hard production that allows Pressa to truly shine. Overall, he delivers aggressive yet confident flows with braggadocios lyrics. He has a unique voice, and he is not afraid to use that to his advantage here. That said, longtime fans of Pressa are going to appreciate this effort. The same can be said for new listeners who may just be getting into him for the first time.

Hopefully, Pressa will turn around with more new music soon. He is a fun and interesting new voice in the rap world, and fans want to hear more. Let us know what you think of the track, down below. Additionally, stay tuned to Songweb for more news and updates from around the music world.

Notable Lyrics:

This ain’t a diss song but we dem boys that hit ’em up
Ain’t got no love for the industry so fuck ’em up
The other day I spent some racks I fucked up the mall
This dick so powerful fuck up her head and all