Howdy, hip-hop heads, and history buffs! Songweb is buzzing with the arrival of a new anthem, and it’s not your typical club banger. Today, we’re throwing a spotlight on a trio of firebrands straight out of the Forty Million Strong (40M) movement: V of 40M, 40M Tye, and Hippie G. These artists aren’t just here to drop rhymes; they’re here to deliver a message of empowerment and black self-determination wrapped in a potent blend of modern hip-hop and echoes of a legendary group, The Fugees. V of 40M isn’t your average rapper. Hailing from the Pittsburgh chapter of the Forty Million Strong (40M) movement, this artist is on a mission to empower black communities through music and activism. “The Score,” released on February 29, seamlessly blends these two passions.

The song opens with a sweetness that belies its potent message—think smooth melodies that instantly lodge themselves in your ear. Then, the hypnotic bassline kicks in, laying the foundation for the mesmerizing beats that are guaranteed to get your head nodding. Now, let’s talk about the lyrical architects behind this masterpiece.

Stepping up to the mic first is V, with his signature revolutionary twist, laying down verses that crackle with passion with vocals that blend authority and charisma. To me, he’s an artist who wears his mission on his sleeve, or rather, raps it straight into your ears. His flow is smooth, weaving intricate wordplay and social commentary with effortless precision. You can hear the echoes of the “Architect of Revolutionary Rap” title in every line, with each word chosen to inspire and inform.

40M Tye enters the fray next, his delivery in stark contrast to V’s. His voice possesses raw energy, a fire that ignites the track with a different kind of heat. His flow is more percussive, each word a hammer blow on the anvil of the revolution. He complements V perfectly, adding another layer of texture and urgency to the message.

Finally, Hippie G steps into the light, his smooth, almost conversational flow acting as a bridge between the passionate fire of his comrades. He’s the storyteller, weaving narratives of struggle and resilience into the fabric of the song. Hippi G brings swagger and streetwise wisdom to the mix, ensuring the message resonates with a contemporary edge. His verses paint vivid pictures, urging us to not just hear the message but to see and feel it. Their performances are a beautiful display of unity, each artist’s unique flow weaving together to create a powerful tapestry of sound.

Production-wise, LABACK deserves a standing ovation. The hypnotic bass and mesmerizing beats create a soundscape that’s both irresistible and thought-provoking. It’s a sonic canvas that allows V, 40M Tye, and Hippi G to paint their revolutionary message in vibrant strokes. Also, the expertly layered beats keep the energy high, while the sweet melodies offer moments of reflection.

Overall, “The Score” transcends the boundaries of a simple song. It’s a call to action, a rallying cry for black empowerment, all wrapped in a package of infectious hip-hop brilliance. So, if you’re looking for music that goes beyond catchy tunes and if you crave lyrics that ignite your intellect and spirit, then “The Score” is a must-listen. It’s a song that demands to be heard!

Listen to “The Score” by V of 40M on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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